In which I have too much to do…

So this last week has been pretty hectic, and so will next week be! We put my car back on the road after FOUR YEARS of it being sat in the underground car park at work slowly rotting away… However I do love the old Banger and now Sam can drive it means we can share long journeys and he can use it to get to work when we move further away next week. It also means that babykins has had to get used to being bundled in the car seat whilst we drop various loads of stuff from this house to the new flat… generally she sleeps in the car, but on Friday she made a major protest just before we were about to put her (she was already in the car seat) in the car when BOOM!!! poo explosion extraordinaire! Now she’d not crapped since Monday (this is apparently fairly normal and acceptable in breastfeed babies… who knew?!) so there was a LOT, and it went everywhere! up the front, the back, the sides, so she put her hand in it then waved that about… So whilst the car was outside ready to go sat on the double yellows we did an emergency nappy change with about 45 babywipes and lots of swearing. Anyway… I’ve digressed. I didn’t believe it when people told me I would become obsessed with my babies poop, but when she doesn’t do one for four days its pretty hard not to be obsessed! I digressed again…
So next week is a mishmash of 6 week post partum doctors appointments, a health visitor visit, moving house and a post office trip to sell the ebay things! Plus struggling with the heat and keeping the baby happy. I have a couple of posts half written to schedule if I get the time, however we shouldn’t be internet-less for long as the new flat should have it from the day we move in, if all goes well! It’s distinctly difficult to pack a house up when you’re either changing a nappy or stuck doing an hour and a half breastfeed… lovely though it is I keep feeling bad the boxes are still pretty much empty!
Next on my list is making sure I’ve changed my address with everyone important, banks/driving license/insurance etc, which is always time consuming and irritating! Then I’ll make a start on all the reward cards like boots/tescos and all the rest of the companies that send me junk/vouchers in the post!
I’ve already bought a few dull housey things for the new flat (three bins, a mug tree, a cutlery tray and something else that was so thrilling I cant remember, plus my ma bought us a new toaster) I’m going to wait till we’ve got all our furniture in (Well, what we’re taking with us as some I want to get rid of before we move!) before deciding anything else decor wise, though I’m not going to paint or anything so all decor will be in the form of pictures/decals etc
Needless to say I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything, but Sam is off now for just over two week so everything will be a bit easier when there are two of us to share the packing/baby caring/cooking/cleaning! We’re going to try and have a couple of days out once we’ve moved into the new place so we get a break from all the unpacking and mountains of boxes.
IMG_9940 IMG_9941 IMG_9942
So other than preparing for the move, I’ve been doing not very much I did however go out for afternoon tea at the Blackbird Tea Rooms with Steph, and I also went for tea with friends in the Lanes on Thursday where we narrowly avoided losing the baby to a large seagull, though I think he was more interested in our sandwich leftovers but he bloody well swooped so close to the pram he knocked the muslin off that was shading her! Not only that but all the Seagulls in Brighton seem to be having a party on my roof every morning around 4am recently, which is lovely. Luckily they don’t wake the baby or Sam up! Today was spent at the new flat building a wardrobe thingy, with a little trip to the beach for an ice cream… plus I spotted Liz Smith (the Royle Family/Vicar of Dibley) then we came home to pack up the kitchen. Seriously, why did we have so many side plates? We’ve just put 12 in a box for charity…
IMG_9975 IMG_9981 IMG_9982
Over and out…

4 thoughts on “In which I have too much to do…

  1. wow the poo explosion extraordinaire sounds like an achievement. Love the toaster 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Wow, you are busy busy!! Changing address with all of the companies is a BALL-ACHE I’m not going to lie! I’ve only just got all of mine sorted 3 months down the line. The poo explosion made me chuckle (sorry) and seagulls are partying on my roof at 4am too – I haven’t slept well in weeks!

    Good luck with the move 🙂

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

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