In which I make mulled Cider

I love cider, love love love it. I love mulled cider even more, WARM SPICY version of normal favourite drink? WINNER! I must admit I cheated slightly, as I used the mulled wine sachets (schwartz). I used a pot on the hob this time, but last year I made it in the slow cooker, and the smell penetrated through the house
You will need:
Cider (any variety!) Apple juice (clear or cloudy), Oranges & Lemons, cloves, cinnamon, and maybe some sugar
Simmer your cider over a low heat, add the apple juice and turn the heat up a bit
(careful when your pour the cider in if its from a big bottle like mine, if you just turn the bottle on end you’ll end up with it in your eye)
Add the mulled wine sachets (I used the whole box, which is 6 I think…), the cloves (a generous handful) and the cinnamon sticks (a whole tub)
Slice your lemons & oranges and add to the pot
Whack a lid on, and simmer for about 45 minutes. Taste, add sugar if required.
I kept this on a low simmer all night, and when my first two guests left, I added more cider and juice for the next 2 visitors! It picks up the flavour fine.
finally, drink it! (spot the photographer, its not hard!)
I also baked little chocolate brownies that night, which i forgot about (probably due to copious amounts of cider in the system) and burnt slightly! oops!
Tonight I am aiming to make Eggnog, which I have never tasted, let alone made! I’ll post about that, and a recipe for cinnamon biscuits too!
Favourite winter tipple? Anyone tried any of the flavoured ciders out at this time of year

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