In which I talk about nails

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[all pre acrylics removal, boo]
So about 2 months ago I went and had my acrylics taken off. It was a sad sad day, I’d had acrylics for over 2 years. I know they’re no good for your nails, but they were always all the same length, with near square tips and they rarely broke. However in a bid to save money (See how I am attempting it here) and because pregnancy is meant to make your hair and nails stronger (hair is growing FAST, and my right thumb nail is strong so far) I decided to get rid of them, and save myself £16 every three weeks or so.
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My nails have always grown quickly, but were pretty weak before I started, so I knew I’d have a couple of months of flaking brittle nails before I got anywhere, and I knew I’d have to forgo long talons, keep them filed down and just wait. However, one bonus is that glitter varnishes come off real nails WAY easier than acrylics!
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[stubby nails of recent weeks]
And then on Thursday night I was invited along to The Lanes health and beauty (in Market street, opposite Donatello’s) to take a peek at their salon and have a manicure and my lashes done (more on the lashes and the salon at a later date) but I was given lots of tips by Julie and the girls at the salon for a successful polish!
  • never file/paint your nails after a bath, this is because they’ll have expanded and will shrink back down, plus will be weaker when filing
  • even if you had no varnish on, always wipe over your nails with remover, to get rid of the natural oils and other accumulated gunk
  • ALWAYS use a base coat, not just to protect from staining but because the colour will hold better onto that than your own nail
  • two THIN coats of polish, not one thick goopy one!
  • always finish with a top coat, and re apply this every 2 days to stop chips. Also ensure that you paint the very tips of the nail (equals less chips!)
This is the finished thing on my nails, although I had a few that were getting long, they were really weak, so I had them all filed to the same (short!) length and rounded, in the hopes they will grow at the same speed and get a bit stronger.
The polish is Essies ‘Maximillian Strasse her’ (Seriously, who thinks of these ridiculous names?) and is a really muted bluey/grey colour that I love!
Any more manicure tips for me? Most ridiculous nail varnish name you’ve come across?

4 thoughts on “In which I talk about nails

  1. Ooo those are all brilliant tips thank you for sharing! 🙂 I’ve never had any kind of false nails but mine are pretty weak because I literally always have them painted and I work in retail so they get wrecked by the tills 🙁 Love that Essie shade, I wish I could afford their polishes!
    Love Holly x

  2. Thanks for the tips, I didn’t know it was good to reapply top coat. I will try that, thank you! 🙂

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

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