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I am determined to get the kitchen some semblance of ‘finished’ before the end of March, which will have seen us living in this house for a year! It’s getting there, we had the big bay window replaced just after Christmas, along with a new cooker, kitchen worktops and a a draw put in. Who designs a kitchen without at least ONE drawer, I ask you! Anyway, at the weekend we did a big kitchen de clutter, getting rid of the pans, trays and random equipment we didn’t use as well as mis-matched glasses and chipped mugs. I’ve put together a list of ‘would likes’ and ‘definitely needs’ and along with new cupboard doors that aren’t faux walnut and some tiles behind the sink and cooker which are all ‘definitely needs’ in my eyes, there are lots of other things that would make the kitchen a happier looking, and more useful space!

At the moment we don’t have a noticeboard or anything which makes meal planning and shopping list writing a bit of a pain, I love the look of both of these chalkboards and they just look so much nicer than a whiteboard, though I know that would be be easier to use! We used to use the fridge in our old house to write on but we have a black one now! The small white slide out drawers would be perfect for keeping spices and packets sorted and neatly within a cupboard, instead of flung in at random as they are now! I also really want a double bin, so we can store recyling in it as well as waste, rather than in a carrier bag as we currently do!

We recycled a load of old plain glasses that had gone cloudy, and replaced them with bold heavy glass tumblers (harder for the kids to knock over!) from Tesco (like the pink one above but in all different colours) but we’re after a set of ‘for best’ glasses for when we have company and want things matching and this range of pearlised glassware is super pretty, plus it would be nice to have more than two matching wine glasses!

We use a wipe clean table cloth (doesn’t look great but we have two messy kids!) but if we have friends over we like to use the lovely G Plan table that resides beneath with a set of table mats to protect it, our current ones have beach huts on them but are getting tatty, so i’m trying to choose between Flamingos or Zebras to replace them!


Tell me your magical kitchen storage solutions, and share with me any pretty kitchen essentials!


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