Interiors: Rugs for the Nursery

We were given a lovely sheepskin rug by a cousin when we were expecting Athena, it had been her sisters before that and used for lots of children when it came to us! It’s been sat on the floor of our nursery since we moved here but as this cousin is now expecting her third baby we thought it only right we return it to its original home (along with most of Arlo’s baby clothes as it’s another boy in the family, hurrah!)

kids rugs

So, given that the nursery floor will be a bit bare I’ve been browsing the Internet for replacements! Bearing in mind Athena and Arlo will be sharing their bedroom the rug needs to be not too frilly not too manly but something they’d both like! I’d actually really like another sheepskin rug, there’s a lovely selection on Cox and Cox but Sam says we should go for something a bit easier to hoover, so he quite likes the star and the faded stripe rug from the same site. The patterned rugs are from The Rug Seller, but I think they would limit the decor a little for the rest of the room, although I do love a good fox print and woodland theme would be pretty gender neutral!

If you’ve seen any snazzy rugs around then please show them to me, it’s become a new obsession!

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