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You might have noticed a influx of home decor posts recently and that’s because we’re full throttle plowing on with viewings to try and buy something as soon as possible, partly because the prices are still going up and partly because the sooner we’re not renting the better. Owning our own home means we can put up hooks and cupboards, decorate and generally really make it our own. We’ll still only be able to buy somewhere with 2 bedrooms as we want to be right in town rather than on the outskirts though, which is a shame but the sproglets are so small I don’t think it will be a problem for a few years and we’ll size up eventually!

I’ve been thinking about space saving storage for their bedroom, to keep all their clothes and toys organised (well, as organised as possible anyway!) and found some great storage units on Room to Grow that will help us make the most out of the space. I am completely in love with some of their cabin beds too, definitely worth a look for something unusual!

The dinosaur range is bright and eye catching, with a toy box and a shelving unit with deep drawer, perfect for a quick tidy (aka fling it all in the drawer and hope it closes! Athena also loves dinosaurs so would happily have these in her room!

I also love the idea of a unit like this for helping to partition the room slightly but still let light and air in, with the added bonus of being able to store things in and on it. Plus let’s face it it’s like a climbing frame too…

We’ve got books coming out of our ears already, and although this book shelf did come in a pastel pink too clearly i’d go for the white so we could keep the favourites on show and ready for bed times!

FInally something like this double storage unit would be ideal for giving them each their own storage space, and perhaps using the middle for shared toys. The door come in a variety of colours and I suppose I could even let them choose their own colours for their own cupboards!

Any parents with shared kids rooms out there? Do feel free to send any storage ideas my way!


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7 thoughts on “Interiors: shared kids bedroom storage

  1. We do love the Ikea Kallax for books, plus the book ladder shelving from the GLTC. At the moment our best storage has been the low level Stuva wardrobes from ikea – we have three in the dining area/room and they’re all filled with baskets of toys, puzzles etc with mirrors on the inside of the doors for dress up appreciation.

  2. I like the bookcase ideas but when it comes to my twins bedroom, nothing was more valuable for space saving and storage than their bunkbeds. We went for a unit which had built in storage. It was the perfect addition for my little boys room –

  3. Very good ideas. Your kids bedroom is one of the most important rooms that require more space. And storing units are a great solution to create a more space in your kinds bedroom.

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