Interiors: Trends spawned by TV Series

Decorating your very first home is incredibly exciting and along with a serious Pinterest addiction, planning how your home is going to look also fuels lots of TV viewing as you have the perfect excuse to tune into all those interior-focussed TV programmes. Grand Designs, Location, Location, Location, 60 Minute Makeover and of course, the retro classic that is Changing Rooms, they’ve all had their part to play in shaping the décor, fixtures and fittings in our homes. With this in mind, this post takes a little look back at some of the biggest trends that have been spawned by the plethora of DIY shows we’ve watched over the years, are there any that have been missed?

The feature wall

The curtains may have closed on the final series of Changing Rooms back in 2004 but the likes of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Anna Ryder Richardson left a lasting impression on walls across the country in the form of the now, very familiar, feature wall. Want to draw attention to your fantastic fireplace or make a colour statement without painting your whole room in a brilliant bold shade? Then the feature wall is your friend. Whether you want to masque a less than perfect wall with wallpaper or you’ve got lots of prints that you think deserve to be the centre of attention, the versatility of the feature wall has made it one of the TV trends that has stood the test of time.

Open plan living

It doesn’t seem that long ago that open plan design as reserved for flat and apartment spaces. Step forward Grand Designs and project upon project that championed space, light and fewer walls than average, and the kitchen diner is no longer the height of open modern layouts. While open plan design definitely has as many opponents as it does fans, homeowners are definitely more open to opening up spaces. Those who find a property in their perfect location are now far more likely to consider fiddling with the way rooms are arranged within and we definitely have certain TV series to thank for our open plan confidence.

Bi-fold doors

In many ways the rise of the bi-fold door has gone hand-in-hand with our love of open plan living. Kevin McCloud and co introduced us to modern homes filled with light. Many of the Grand Designs we’ve seen on the show of the same name and others like it have used floor to ceiling bi-fold doors to make the most of natural light to boost their eco credentials, though they’re also often the preferred choice to provide easy access to a patio. If you like the look but are not keen on UPVC, check out Vufold’s range – they produce oak finished doors for a more natural look.

Spotlights and backlighting

Once upon our time our premier lighting consideration was what style shade to choose for a light bulb. Now, after many TV presenters past have illuminated lighting a trend a plenty, the subject of lighting is far more firmly in the spotlight. We’ve not only made the move to energy saving light bulbs and LED’s, we’re now playing with light more than ever before – fitting spotlights and backlighting in everything from kitchen cupboards to behind our baths.

Spa bathrooms

Speaking of bathrooms, the ability to peek into the shower rooms and bathroom spaces of others has helped to raise our collective bathing aspirations. Many more bathrooms have transcended purely functional and begun to incorporate luxury features such as walk-in showers or even spa baths. It’s no longer simply a choice of what colour bathroom suite to choose, now you get to select how powerful your shower is and how you’ll use lighting to make things more relaxing too.

Kitchen islands

Whatever did we do before the kitchen island took hold? Saviour of the cook with limited surface areas, interest in kitchen islands has been climbing steadily over the past ten years as more and more of them featured on screen ‘dream kitchens’. Whether you opt for a moveable or something that’s fixed that comes with plenty of storage, you may well be giving a nod to the on screen beauties that have gone before when you make your selection.

What have been the ultimate takeaway trends from interiors TV programmes past and present? Are there any fads that you thought were fantastic or that you simply couldn’t stand? Do any of the above feature in your own home or are you planning to incorporate them some day?

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