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Yellow and grey will probably be out of fashion by the time we eventually move but I really like the colour combination. I actually prefer pink and grey together but wouldn’t want to decorate a room in our home pink! I’ve picked out a few favourites from my late night feed Internet trawling and put together a mood board to refer back to when we start to decorate,

Every time I see bold geo-print wallpaper on someone’s instagram or in a magazine I screen-shot it and try and find similar versions. These four are my current top contenders, but I’d probably only do a feature wall with something as bold as any of these, all from the Harlequin wallpaper section in case you want a closer look!

I absolutely love the mis-matched look of this sofa, a corner sofa would be ideal for us as we all love to spread out. I also think the different patterns would mean inevitable stains are less likely to be spotted! A nest of coffee tables (these were on Wayfair but I can’t find them again now) in different shades would be a good addition so that if necessary we could have a table each for snacking/tea cups/drawing/painting our nails (I’ll leave you to work out who would be doing what!) but that they could all stack for easy storage when we need more floor space.

Lastly, cushions! From my favourite cushion place Habitat. Athena saw the elephant cushionwhen we were in a Habitat section in B&Q when we got our Christmas tree and loved it, and I think they both go well with the random sofa too!

What colour theme is your living room? Please feel free to link up any posts for me to snoop at!

4 thoughts on “Interiors: Yellow & Gray

  1. Ive been eyeing up those wallpapers for our lounge. We love having grey, mustard and greens in the front two rooms, wishing we liked stain resistant sofas though!

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