An Interview with Athena & Arlo

I sat the kids down and asked them these questions, writing down exactly what they said…

What’s the best thing about being 4 (and 2)?

Athena: I am going to be this tall and start school. I’m going to *names school* and am going to be in Butterfly class

Arlo: I’m Big!

What makes you laugh?

Athena: Arlo when he rolls around and pretends to be a baby

Arlo: you make me laugh (cheers, I think?)

Who do you love and why?

Athena: I love Arlo because he’s my best friend (said through tears as he’d just snatched a scarf off her)

Arlo: mummy.

What’s your favourite book?

Athena: I don’t have one. Maybe all of them?

Arlo: This one (he’s showing me an Elmer book)

Favourite food?

Athena: Cheesy pasta and ‘bololaise’

Arlo: Apples. Bananas. Toast

Favourite song?

Athena: Scream and Shout (the and Britney song… so appropriate, not!)

Arlo: Row row boat

Favourite outfit?

Athena: Dresses, my sparkly river dress! (this is an H&M dress with glittery scallop patterns that she thinks looks like a river)

Arlo: Don’t Know

Favourite TV programme?

Athena: Luna Petunia, it’s on netflix

Arlo: Wishenpoof! (no idea, is this actually a tv show?)

Favourite toy?

Athena: My Babies

Arlo: cars!

Favourite thing to do?

Athena: errmmmm, paintin’ and playdoh and sitting on the sofa

Arlo: Don’t Know


Athena and Arlo August


Well, that was enlightening wasn’t it! Perhaps in a year i’ll try it again, though I do ask Athena a series of questions every year on her birthday, and will do the same with Arlo when he’s three!


I was tagged by The Mum from Brum, absolutely ages ago now, but I didn’t think Arlo had the comprehension to answer the questions till now, and lets face it some of his answers are still a bit vague! I’m tagging Lesbemums, Teen Tween Toddler, Lamb & Bear & Mum to a Monster.

Can’t wait to hear what your little ones have to say!

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