In which I fail at healthy lunches


Lose weight before Christmas… its probably on a few peoples agendas? Sarah is going to set a challenge a week, and this weeks was eat a healthy lunch… I failed. I never take a lunch break at work, I know I should as it would be beneficial to my belly and my stress levels. But I never learn & if I do eat, its at my desk.


IMG_1229 Monday – 2 Go ahead bars (cherry!)

IMG_1239Tuesday – 1 apple and 2 cups of tea

IMG_1299Wednesday – 1 slice of carrot cake (actually it was 2)







Thursday – 1 satsuma and 1 cuppa





Friday Microwaveable noodle thing with soy and ginger





This week the challenge is to eat a healthy breakfast. I can almost guarantee you now that If I manage breakfast at all then it will be a go ahead bar. I work in a hotel so breakfast is freely available to me (chef, poached eggs on toast please…) so I am going to try and make a real effort.

I have lost a whole lb this week. I really should go to the gym. Its not really what I weigh that bothers me but my belly and arms that I dislike.

What do you eat for lunch at work? give me ideas people!!

2 thoughts on “In which I fail at healthy lunches

  1. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren!!! Tut tut! Im actually pretty good at eating healthily but might just do this challenge too! Im rather good at breakfast, I take something fiberous like fruit and fibre or weetabix in tuperware. I then eat it once I get to work when i’m catching up on emails and paperwork. Lunch I usually have a brown bread sandwich with cheese and pickle (naughty!), altho sometimes salad with nuts. I like the graze boxes which are really good for healthy snacking!
    I’ve been feeling crap since having to quit the gym because I hate running and dont really get enough cardio otherwise!


  2. Protein! It makes you full! I snack on cans of tuna, and cold meats – easy to pick at and store in the fridge 🙂

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