Kids Style: Clothes for Exploring


Arlo is at that in-between sizes stage where his age three-four clothes are getting a little bit small, but the next size up will swamp him still, but if he’s anything like Athena he’ll start shooting up when he this four so it won’t be long until he’ll be able to wear things without having to roll them up at the  ankles!  Arlo is a really adventurous kid, and is happiest leading us on a trek through the woods or running up and down impossibly narrow groynes at the beach and leaping onto the pebbles!

Things with pockets are a necessity for Arlo, so he can bring whichever Lego creation, Hot Wheels car or coins that he’s ‘found’ safely with him – and I now need to remember to check all his pockets as well as my husbands every time I put things in the wash for fear of drowning tiny little Lego men (or messing up my washing machine!)  The North Face clothing is always great quality, so a hoody and a wind-proof jacket have made it onto my list for Arlo’s new wardrobe. Chino shorts that can be worn long or short are always good too as they go with everything, but are more durable than jersey shorts I’ve found.
As we spend a lot of time at the beach jelly-shoes are a must for both kids, and these have closed toes which means less chance of little pebbles getting in and under the toes! Welly boots are also a must for any small boy who likes mud, the beach in winter and puddles – Arlo is fond of all three! All the items I’ve shown above are from the Junior section at OD’s Designer Clothing website.  I’d love to know if you’ve got any essentials in your kids’s spring wardrobes?

I shared what had been working for my current capsule wardrobe earlier this month, if adult clothing is more your thing!

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