On Sunday 16th I will be off to the Lansdowne hotel to a ‘Swishing’ event. If you’ve not heard of one before you can take a look at the website My Swish website. Basically you take along items of clothes (and shoes) that you no longer wear, and are awarded ‘points’ for the items you donated, which can then be redeemed against ‘new’ items of clothes that other people have brought along! Also at this event is the option to bring along unused make up and toiletries, which will be donated to the Give and Make Up charity. Give and Make Up distribute everyday essentials from shampoo to deodorant, toothbrushes, make up and baby products to women and children who badly need day-to-day toiletries and a little luxury in their lives.
Entry is £6.50 in advance, £8 on the door. Book online at www.myswish.co.uk and get 3 for the price of 2, and the event starts at 3pm (the hotel is here!) Do let me know if you plan on going! Its a good chance for me to exchange some things I haven’t worn in a while and get some new things, without breaking my ‘only spending on the wedding’ rule!
Obviously I’ll let you know how it went, and show you what I swished!
As I haven’t done much of an updatey rambly post, and am sat here devouring episodes of The Tudors I think I’ll carry on typing away! (that Henry VIII was a filthy bugger I tell thee!)

  • Last weekend one of my bridesmaids Emily spent the weekend with me, we did a prototype wedding cake (more to see how easy it was to ice etc, and play around with some designs) so obviously we watched the X factor (who else thought the fairy-teacher lady was going to be crap!?) and then on Sunday Emily came with me to my Parish church, to hear the marriage Banns be read there. The whole getting married in a church thing is a bit complex, but basically as the church we’re getting married in isn’t our parish church we have to have our Banns read there and the one we’re marrying in. They have to be read out three times in a row at each church within 3 months of the wedding, and providing nobody stands up and says they object, all is well!) Anyway, it was lovely of her to come with me, as Sam hadn’t finished work till 4am so there was no chance I was managing to get him out of bed!
  • Wednesday was the monthly curry that I go to with friends, where we pretty much organised our group holiday next year, only off to Cornwall, but that’s fine by me. I love spending time with this group, especially my oldest friend Amy and her gorgeous baby Jessica!


  • This week I have been a sleeping not-so-beauty. After walking from work in Brighton to Hove on Thursday, then back again I sat on the sofa and promptly fell asleep from 7pm till almost midnight. What a wasted evening! I did however have the NICEST present in the post from Catherine who sent me a whole loads of goodies as a ‘brides survival kit’ which was completely unexpected and very sweet indeed!! She even sent me one of her birthday lollies! AND on Tuesday I opened an order from Birds & Blossoms and had a lovely little added extra pair of earrings, so thanks to Zoe for those!IMG_4693
  • I’ve also had two nightmares this week. I never normally remember dreams, if I have them, but to actually wake up during the night was a bit of a shock! What does foreseeing ones death, and ten actually dying mean, in a dream? I’m kind of scared to go to sleep tonight, but its almost 3am and my eyes are drooping…
  • Had a bit of a hissy fit on Monday night due to my lap top refusing to turn on! I bought a new power cable online the next day, and that night the effing thing turned on! So at least I have a new power cable, and I have now backed up all the ‘wedmin’ that I was pissed off about losing (the budget spread sheet is truly a work of art if I do say so myself, plus the categorised to do lists…) I’ll do another weddingy post soon.
  • On Tuesday I had a stroll round North Laine with Tina, and managed to find the perfect (faux) fur jacket to go with my wedding outfit, from Beyond Retro. I decided to sleep on it, and then went back on Wednesday after work, and walked in to see someone TRYING IT ON!! I slunk around watching her pretending to investigate a rack of mens jumpers, then heard her boyfriend utter the glorious words “its a bit big for you I think!” HURRAH! back on the hanger it went, and like the speed of light I whisked it off the rack from under her nose and ran to the till with it. JOB DONE!
  • Tomorrow i’m off to see Anna Karenina in the afternoon, along with some boring household jobs & then the Mothership arrives to visit and do a bit of dress tampering…
  • …. and next Friday I’m going to the Harry Potter studio tour. CANT BLOODY WAIT!
I’m genuinely finding it hard to find time to spend reading blogs, and writing my own posts, but please have patience, i’ll be back with you properly in around 10 weeks! I have a new area manager at work whos never done the job before so that’s a little trying, and planning a wedding is a full time job in itself! (With a husband to be who WORKS IN EVENTS AT A HUGE HOTEL you’d think he’d help out a but more (major hint Sam, if you’re reading (which he won’t be!) I am kidding really, as if he did try to help i’d only moan he wasn’t doing the right things…)
What are all of YOU doing with your weekends?! do tell!

5 thoughts on “Swishing & an Update

  1. Your week sounds very full and exciting- have fun! Especially at the swish event, I look forward to reading about it, it is such an interesting concept 🙂
    Enjoy the wedding planning, it sounds like alot of hard work to me but i’m sure it’ll all be worth it!


  2. wedding planning probably rates up there with most stressful things to go through, I wouldn’t ever want to do it again.
    the swishing sounds fun, but a bit pricy. A straightforward swap sounds better to me 😉

  3. The swishing event sounds really fun, great way to get some new things and clear out what you don’t wear! Glad you managed to get the fur jacket in the end! 🙂

    Caroline x

  4. Ooo u didnt tell me u found a shrug thing,well done!i wish i had stuff to swish!very busy madam,relaxxxx.cant believe u are going to potterland next week,im going to have to avoid ur blog thro fear of more spoilers and pictures,therell b nothing left for me to see!o no,hope ur nightmares are a temporary thing,i have them every night and have done for years so i know how much it affects your sleep.apparently i shout and cry in my sleep,scared at an unknown thing and wake up feeling like that!such a sweet present bless!x x

  5. On the subject of nightmares/dreams (I used to be well into this kind of thing!) Death usually means a new beginning, more a “death” of some part of your life rather than “actual” death!! Maybe it’s a bit of anxiety re; getting married. Though nothing really changes (other than a lovely feeling of security and happiness) if you’re already living together etc it is still a change in circumstances, so it’s like the old way has “died” Nothing to worry about 🙂 xx

    P.S Sorry if this is a rambling reply, you know me….. ;D xx

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