Last days of summer #OutandAbout with Ritz


Summer is definitely (maybe?) on its way out, but if today was anything to go by then it’s actually still plenty warm enough for a quick trip to the park after a morning at the swimming pool! Also let’s be honest, having a toddler full of energy means even if it isn’t warm trips to the park are a must whatever the weather!


I was very kindly sent the above selection of goodies from Ritz to see what I thought of their new offering, Ritz Breaks. Basically a new snack pack for on the go healthy biscuit nibbling, what’s not to love? I’ve always been a huge fan of things that I can keep handy for out and about snacking, pushing a buggy around can make you peckish you know! In the awesome back-pack was a fish eye lens for a smart phone too, amongst other summer essentials! I personally think Athena looks hilarious through a fish-eye lens!

20140831_131904 20140831_131851

Each pack contains six individual packs of five biscuits, just the right amount for a quick munch and I’ve not been able to leave a pack unfinished, though I guess this is always an option! As well as taking these out and about with Athena they’ve been ideal for a pre or post work snack on the train, not messy and the perfect portion size. I personally prefer the Rosemary and Olive oil flavour but the original hasn’t changed a bit from my first memories of being allowed to tuck in to the biscuit and cheese platter at my Mums dinner parties when I was younger!

Ritz Breaks are on sale already in all major supermarkets for £1.89, and would be perfect for kids (and adults!) lunch boxes too! You can keep up to date with all the news by following @RitzUK

2 thoughts on “Last days of summer #OutandAbout with Ritz

  1. I do love a Ritz cracker – although I’m not sure they can truly be called a healthy biscuit :p I guess they’re healthier than if they had cheese on too p xxx

  2. Oh yum! I do love a good cracker! not sure i’d ever veer away from the regular kind though, a flavoured one is a bit adventurous for me!
    And how cute does your little one look in the fish eye?!

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