We’re off to London next weekend for a family day out, we’re going to experience the London Eye and then spend the day exploring Kensington Palace (please cross your fingers for nice weather for us!) I’ve said before on my blog that I love London, I can’t pinpoint why exactly though, perhaps because I was born there or perhaps because I can leave the hustle and hubbub behind at the end of the day and return to the South Coast! I’ve always been interested in the history, how it grew and developed and love reading any book set in London too.

Samuel Johnson wrote that ‘when a man is tired of London he is tired of life’ and it’s completely true I think! Even putting aside all the amazing museums and exhibitions there are parks and zoos, guided walks and riverboat tours. Ancient monuments and Churches and winding walkways to explore… What I find really amazing is that so many places are free to visit, although some specially curated exhibitions charge but generally for the experience you get and the work that has gone into it it’s well worth it! There is a list of exhibitions here on the Leo website, I’d love to take a look at the ‘Shoes: pleasure and pain’ at the V&A. Judging by how much Athena loves clomping about in all sorts of shoes she might be a better exhibition buddy than Sam who probably wouldn’t enjoy it much!

The Tate modern is always worth a (free!) visit and has one of the loveliest views across the millennium footbridge towards St Paul’s to enjoy with a cup of tea and a scone in the cafe too! My favourite two museums are the Museum of London because it covers the complete history, including things like the plague and the great fire, I remember my first visit when I was about eleven, I remember watching the little model of the fire spreading through London time and time again!

My second favourite museum is probably the Natural History museum, another fun one that I look forward to taking Athena and Arlo too one day soon! Dinosaur skeletons, fossils, volcanoes and space, so much to learn about!

Whats your favourite place to go in London with children?

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  1. I absolutely love the science and history museum! We used to go on rainy Sunday’s when I was younger and I cannot wait to take my kids now. Nothing beats London, I’m so lucky to live in Kent, London is only a 45min train journey xx

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