Stuff on a Sunday #45

Stressful is the best way to describe the last week, although it started off well! We spent last Sunday at Donna’s house to celebrate her little girl turning four years old! It was a perfect day, bouncy castles, barbecues and lots of new friends for Athena to play with. Monday was the first bank holiday Sam had off this year I think and of course it rained! We did venture out in a dry spell in the afternoon with a buggy board for the first time, and we bought Athena a proper single duvet for her new mid sleeper bed!

Tuesday was pretty dull, I had a stinking cold and ouchy tonsils and we had a mortgage appointment meeting, and Arlo turned five months old! Wednesday was lazy as I still felt crappy, my mum came over in the afternoon and I packed for our trip, and Sam did a ridiculously long shift of about 14 hours!

Thursday was another long day for Sam culminating in us driving up to Norfolk in the evening. Athena was sick in the car when we were about an hour away from Sams mum’s, so we plonked her in a bath when we arrived, poor thing!  She finally got into bed at around 11pm. Arlo was a bit wheezy when we went to bed and fell asleep around midnight. He woke up just before three am and was struggling to breathe and had a really harsh cough. I prodded Sam awake and we decided to take him to a&e. He vomited all over his poor granny just before we left too!

Long story short and a half a day in the hospital and we were on our way home with a diagnosis of Croup. Steroids helped him Improve and we’ve got two types of inhaler for him to use if needed. We’ve only had to give him it once so far. Everyone was sleep deprived so we just stayed in to recover and recuperate on Friday. It was a relief we were staying with Sams mum really as it meant we could both be with Arlo at hospital, if we were at home Sam would have had to stay with her. I’ll try and write a post about Croup in case it helps someone else in the future!

Saturday was lovely,  all Sams cousins and their children came over plus a few others and we had an all day long gathering with a buffet and articulate in the evening. I did accidentally fall asleep for an hour with Arlo but we both needed a nap! We’d boxed up all of Arlos clothes that he’s grown out of and split it between one of Sams cousins and his best friend, both of whom are expecting little boys soon, and I always love pass on clothes to people when we can! Today, Sunday we had a nice lunch out with friends (well, as nice as a lunch can be with two toddlers and a baby, not that relaxing but hey ho!) fed some swans then came home and hung out with Granny! I’ve still got a cold but my throat and tonsils are hurting less, thankfully! We’re here in Norfolk till tomorrow, and i’m hoping we make it back home with no more sick-in-the-car episodes and no more illness from Arlo!

Don’t forget this months #WhatMyKidDid linky is open if you want to join in, I wanted to read all the posts added so far over the weekend but this is the first time i’ve managed to crack my laptop open so I will catch up next week!

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  1. I’m sorry that the week started so well and ended with a hospital visit 🙁 That family photo is so cute though, although you’re all clearly exhausted x

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