Delicious sandwiches with Warburtons Thins

Over the last few days I have been experimenting with Warburtons Thins as an alternative to ‘normal’ sandwiches. I was sent a variety of Thins to try out, and have been enjoying some delish filling combinations too! I tend to find that a sandwich made with bread has too much bread, which in turn can play havoc with my belly at times and leave me feeling bloated and lethargic. Warburtons Thins are thin (obviously) and pre sliced (thank goodness, I’d never be able to slice anything that thin myself!) and mean that you can concentrate on the filling. They’re also in perfect sized squares, easy to fit into a sandwich bag or lunch box!

After a week of experimentation I have a short list of favourite fillings:


Salami, mayo (light!) & Gherkin slices

This may be a pregnant-lady thing but I LOVE gherkins, and think they go brilliantly with Salami. If you don’t prefer a strong taste you could substitute with ham or chicken slices.

Pork & egg roll, Roasted red pepper and piccalilli

Avocado, chicken and cream cheese (again, the lighter version!)

Of all the varieties of Warburtons Thins we tried my favourite was the seeded version, and I’m keen to try the ‘squareish wraps’ soon too! Any sandwich made with the Thins went down a treat with the toddler too, and lightly toasted with a bit of honey or marmite and they make the perfect mid afternoon snack! They’re a lot less messy and crumby than proper bread, so perfect for packed lunches for little ones too.

You can view the full range of Warburtons Thins here, and they’re available at all major supermarkets! There is also a list of food trends for 2015 to take a look at here, any of them take your fancy?

I was sent a selection of Warburtons Thins and a supermarket voucher to buy some fillings to enable me to write this post.

2 thoughts on “Delicious sandwiches with Warburtons Thins

  1. I’ve meaning to try these for a while now, I didn’t know they came in so many varieties! And yes, gherkins is a pregnancy thing ha!

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