Me and Mine in December 18

Here’s our last monthly family photo of the year… I’m keeping the first one in because I love that Athena has her eyes closed! We took these a couple of days ago on our way home from Norfolk, at a country park just off the M25 somewhere, that also happened to have a fair an elf garden!

We spent a lot of time exploring outdoor places over the past month and thankfully it’s not yet been TOO cold, you know, the stage where it takes you five minutes to peel the layers off every time you need a pee or to sit down and have a cuppa somewhere!


Basically this month we’ve all loved Christmas, spending time with family and relaxing a bit. Nobody has loved having the end of year cold that we’ve all got. Oh, everyone is loving puzzles and Christmas pudding too! Can you tell I forgot to write anything for this post and am really not in the mood for thinking back over the past month because that weird ‘bit between Christmas and New Year’ is about to end and i’m sad about it? No? Well that’s why…

I have loved capturing our family photos this year, and will be printed them all out, along with our Siblings photos to put in our memory box!  Happy New Year!


One thought on “Me and Mine in December 18

  1. I know it’s a bit late but I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I love your pictures – Athena and Arlo look so similar in that last one 🙂

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