Me and Mine in April 18

Oh April, you lived up to your name that’s for sure! Showers and torrential rain were pretty much weekly occurrences! We had a pretty nice April though, all things considered though it would have been way better had we all not got sick, poor Arlo for two weeks!) We spent the first week of April in Wales, exploring Castles and walking around waterfalls – I have finally finished editing all the photos so at some point I will get a little post up for each of the fun things we did! The castle where we took our ‘Me and Mine’ snap is Powis Castle and was so lovely, the grounds were just amazing!
This month I have been:
  • Stressed – it’s hard to fit in all my work around the kids being off school/preschool and being away, so I spent the last two weeks chasing my tail to catch up
  • Trying to be healthier – I am writing about my weightloss/get fitter journey and two weeks in I’m down half a stone. I’m still not that good at running!
  • A bit sad that I finally finished my Friends marathon, but also a bit shocked at some of the fat shaming/gay bashing and other bizarre things from Friends, just goes to show how the times change! (for the better, even though some of the one liners were funny… am I going to hell?)
  • Starting a new obsession of watching ‘Friday Night Dinner’ and ‘The Job Lot’ (both on netflix but originally c4 and bbc) and loving them! I think after so much american comedy from Friends I needed some English accents!
  • Kicking myself for watching too much tv whilst I am meant to be working and therefore getting less done… whoops!

Sam has been:

  • Loving not working! (He’s training to be a driving instructor)
  • Playing a lot of Company of Heroes II (it looks like a war game to me but that all I can tell you about it!)
  • Enjoying eating more healthily and cooking more meals – he was rarely around for dinner time when he was working full time and he’s on a mission to try and get the kids eating a bigger variety of food too
  • Doing a bit of DIY on the house! New taps, new toilet flush, sorting out some plaster by the front door and in May his mission is to paint all the kitchen cabinets!

Athena has been:

  • Enjoying doing ‘homework’ with me (basically printable phonics and number sheets!)
  • Loving pretending to be a teacher and teaching me, Arlo and her dolls! She’s pretty bossy!
  • Going on holiday with her best friend
  • Excited for Forest School days (I think mostly for the roasting marshmallows!)
  • Obsessed with ‘Spirit’ on Netflix

Arlo has been:

  • Throwing more dramatic rolling-on-the-floor tantrums than ever since he turned three on the 31st March!
  • Recovering from his illness – he was such a trooper though, no moaning or whinging even when he had been throwing up for 5 days straight!
  • Enjoying pre-school! He started after the Easter holidays and is doing three full days a week (plus two at his child minder) and has already picked up new songs and phrases
  • Obsessed with ‘Daniel Tigers Neighbourhood’ (also Netflix – can you tell we watch it a lot!) to the point that I have to put something else on before he comes in the room so he doesn’t see it’s an option!

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