Me and Mine in October 18

Oh blimey, yet another speedy month behind us as we hurtle ever onwards to Christmas and a new year! We took these photos the weekend before last in the middle of a country walk around Slindon, where we headed for our annual pilgrimage to see the Pumpkin display. They’re a bit nutso looking as we had to try and get the kids laughing as they didn’t want to smile, but I really like them!
I really love the kids faces in the one above, I think I’m going to frame it!
This month I have been loving seeing friends and their kids for days out and lunches and play dates – I expect we’ll have a fairly quiet month as the evenings draw in so I feel like at least we’ve seen everyone recently if we do become hermits! I’ve also been trying to keep more on top of tidyness and general clutter but this sort of stopped happening over half term as we were all around and making mess! I also enjoyed treating myself to a few new clothes and am more or less working on a capsule wardrobe (made even easier by the fact that as soon as I get in from the school run I put PJs bottoms and a dressing gown back on so I don’t have to wash clothes so much (that and they’re super comfy)┬áLastly I really enjoyed spending so much time out doors over half term and cranking up the steps on my fit bit!
Arlo is loving: Super Monsters on Netflix, swimming lessons, wearing his new light up trainers (aka the only ones that Clarks had in his enormously wide fitting 8.5H size!) and has been excited to wear his ‘monster jumper’ lots (I’ve had to wash and dry it over night a few times – he’s wearing it in these photos – the monster is furry!)
Athena has been loving: Drawing pictures of her family, making mummy ‘presents’ that she draws and wraps up in paper then glues together and stashes in her school bag. She’s also been loving gym classes, and wearing a dressing gown that is two sizes to small for her because she likes the label in it!
Sam has been loving: having his first driving test pupil to take a test pass first time! Hurrah! He’s also been loving his record player (that he bought when I was away!) and record collection. He’s also liking the new Sabrina series (we’re watching it together)

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  1. I love these pictures – we always end up with funny faces from trying to get the kids to smile too. I think you should always keep doing the ones in a line like the last one – I wonder how long before you’ll have to stand in front of Athena?! #MeandMine

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