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I was very kindly invited to visit the Nails inc bar in Debenhams (Churchill Square shopping centre) Brighton at the weekend for a manicure. Now I was meant to be having the denim mani, which looks like this:


However once I had chatted bumps/genders with one of the technicians and sat down next to the huge array of other colours, like a magpie my eye was drawn to some glittery colours, and when the lovely Katie said ‘you don’t HAVE to have the denim mani…’ I went for holographic nails with blue glitter, from the ‘bling it on’ range…. First my nails were filed down to the same length, then buffed to get rid of a few ridges then the ‘Kensington Caviar’ flawless base coat was applied, which is fast drying and helps to provide a good base for your main polish. 

IMG_8707 IMG_8703

Westbourne Park (an amazing silver holographic with smooth glitter, no chunkyness to be seen!) was applied to all but my fourth fingers, it’s so densely packed I think one coat would’ve done but 2 were applied! Then the fun (& messy bit) was the application of the glitter from the ‘bling it on’ set (the blue comes from the neon set but you can view the range here.

 IMG_8702 IMG_8708

My nail was coated in the white ‘Floral Street’ and then pressed into the glitter which had been poured into the handy little tray that comes with the set (you can pour any unused glitter back into the bottle!) and then Katie used the application brush to get rid of excess glitter.

A top coat was then applied to all my nails, which was the Albert Bridge wet look polish, which dries in 45 seconds and left all my nails with a really high shine, and stopped the glittery nails from being too rough to the touch. At the time of typing this (Tuesday afternoon) only one of the glittery nails has chipped ever so slightly on one corner, all the holo nails are still looking perfect, this is after 2 baths and a shower, baking a cheese cake and a LOT of typing at work & home, so I’m actually pretty impressed and will probably switch to this when my Seche vite runs out/starts to dry up, as I have been promised that this top coat doesn’t dry up in the bottle like Seche Vite does!


For a final touch Katie applied the Vitamin E Cuticle nail pen (which has a nice brush to apply, and you just twist the end for more product, so no fuss application) to hydrate and nourish my cuticles.

I then surprisingly managed not to bump into anyone on my way round town because I was too busy admiring my nails in the light! You can see all the services available at the Debenhams Nails Inc bar here. To book an appointment call 01273 206775.

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  1. Looks so lovely! Glitter polish is a tricky one, I never have much luck with it but the holographic polish looks so cool! xx

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