My top tips for keeping kids safe in the sun


I’m hoping that by now the majority of the UK has had some proper sunshine, we definitely have down here and all my buggy-pushing in the sun has paid off as I have nicely tanned hands and feet (sadly I still have white legs though!) But this summer my priority is keeping Athena cool and protecting her delicate skin. Last summer she had only just arrived and when we were out she was in her carrycot carefully shaded and normally asleep! This year it’s a bit different, she’s on the move and hates to be restricted as to where she can go and because I think spending time outside is important for little people when House of Fraser asked me to write up some advice for enjoying the sun with small people I was happy to do so!


We spent a lovely day in Battersea Park with friends on Saturday, I covered her with sunscreen and forgot to do my back, which was facing the sun for a good few hours and now has ugly strap marks, whoops! But her skin is still baby soft and pale as anything, thankfully! Athena’s dress is by Bonnie Baby at House of Fraser and has tiny little cartoon rabbits printed on it, along with a little pocket, I wish it came in my size as it’s 100% cotton and perfect for hot days! Her hat is from Pumpkin Patch and has a nice wide brim and a pretty white flower.

Below are my ‘baby in the sun’ essentials:


My five top tips for enjoying the sun with a baby or toddler:

  1. Sunscreen! As high a factor as you can find.  We use a roll-on which makes application a lot easier on a wriggly little one! I set a reminder on my phone for every 2 hours to prompt me to reapply. Don’t forget, back of the neck, their hands and feet, including soles! I always do the parting of her hair as well, so if the hat comes of she’s still protected.
  2. Clothing: Make sure that you’re dressing your baby in natural fabrics, cotton is perfect, like Athena’s sundress here. Layering is a good way to make sure you can add/subtract clothes when needed. I generally always pop a short sleeved vest on under dresses and T shirts but make sure that it’s 100% cotton. Don’t dress your baby in anything too tight or restrictive either.
  3. Fluids: make sure you have plenty of cool drinks on hand to quench little thirsts, offer a drink often until your child knows to ask for it if they need it.
  4. Hats/sunglasses. I’ll admit I’ve got a baby who hates anything being on her head so I attach elastic to hats we buy without ties to attempt to keep them on for a bit longer! Shading your child’s face and head from the sun will help keep them cool and stop them getting burnt, along with protecting tiny eyes from the suns harmful rays.
  5. Cover up: always have something long sleeved like a light cardi/blouse and a pair of trousers to protect little limbs from midday sun… in my mind its better to be too warm than sunburnt! I also carry a large white floaty scarf of mine to throw over the buggy hood when she’s napping to, which helps cover her feet and hands which might escape from the shade of the hood.

Thank you to House of Fraser for sending Athena a lovely little hat and sundress to enjoy the sun in. 

3 thoughts on “My top tips for keeping kids safe in the sun

  1. I would highly recommend that you get some Calypso Once A Day suncream for Athena (and you). Since I discovered it last summer it has literally changed my life. I used to burn so quickly and easily that I had to spend the summer indoors- just 20 minutes outside, even while wearing kids’ factor 50, and I still fried. This stuff is an honest-to-Baby-Jesus MIRACLE – I haven’t burnt once, even when I was in Morocco- and the best part is you only have to apply it once for the whole day (as the name would suggest…) so you don’t need to worry about setting timers.

    I swear I don’t work for them, and my account hasn’t been hacked by spammers 🙂 I’ve just been telling everyone with fair skin/kids since I found it, because it’s bloody brilliant! xxx

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