Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry On Social Media

I am a person that is easily annoyed, though thankfully not easily too offended. I often see things and think NOOOOOOO!!!! Now I’ve got to the rip of old age of 33 (I know right, don’t look a day over 21!) I have just started to unfollow or mute these occurrences when I see them. But I am interested to see if they annoy other people as much as me, so here’s a list of things you can do if you want to instantly annoy me!

General Annoyances

Fitbit bores. I may be more touchy about this one than others as I am actively avoiding the fact that still look 5 months pregnant and do no exercise, but I really couldn’t give a toss how many steps you did today, and Instagram stories of you marching up and down beside your bed before you go to sleep are not interesting!

Baby scan pictures as profile pictures. Yes I get that you are super happy you’re pregnant, I too am happy for you but I still want to see YOUR face when I’m talking to you or scrolling through rather than a grainy scan picture that looks the same as everyone elses grainy scan photos. People who have their baby as their profile picture is just as odd, you and your kid? fine. But lets face it, most babies look pretty similar for the first six months! Oh, whilst we’re at it i’m just going to put it out there, 3d baby scan pictures are just weird, blobby and alien like, they freak me out.

what annoys you on social media

On Facebook

Pages who ask ‘I don’t think facebook is working right, can you leave a comment if you can see this post?’ – I have a facebook page for my blog and run two for work, I know that reach is really hard to increase and that they change their algorithms all the time but I still wouldn’t stoop to this level. Just so you know, if I see this I will probably unfollow your page, maybe even unlike it if you never post anything interesting anyway!

People who type ‘Following’ under a post when they want to read the comments later. There’s a little down arrow and the option to turn on notifications USE IT.

*runs into room excitedly*/ *waves arms in excitement* *runs in* blah blah *runs out*. You are doing none of this things, nor are we in a room, virtual or not and you’re probably just sat on your sofa typing on your phone. I can’t even explain why this annoys me so much but I cringe when I see it!

“So, if you are reading this message, make a comment using a single word about how we met. After that, copy this message on your wall and I will also leave you a word. Please, don’t leave a word and then not bother to copy the text. You’ll ruin the fun” and similar ridiculous statuses, often with NO comments at all. I  am friends with GROWN MEN WHO POST THIS SORT OF DRIVEL! I should just delete and move on, but it’s kind like a car crash that I can’t look away from… I love to check in and see what bizarre, childish things they’ve been posting so I can sit with my mouth agape for a couple of minutes.

On Twitter

Auto DMs on twitter. Enough said really, the general consensus is that everyone hates them, yet so many people I follow still have them! I run four twitter accounts so I see a lot of the bloody things on a daily basis! I don’t mind ones that are personal and clearly not automated, where the person has looked at my blog or responded to something I’ve been talking about but anything else? No thanks! Especially when you mis-spell your own blog name in it, doofus!

‘I’m 7 away from *insert round number here* and I hate odd numbers so please RT so I can get more followers’  – Also just NO. Go interact with people and see if they follow you back.

People who share their ‘top twitter friends’ Nobody cares!

Auto tweets to thank you for following on twitter, and people who tweet their own horoscope on a daily basis  – Possibly worse than auto DM’s; this sort of thing is really likely to make me unfollow the account, which is a shame if the rest of their content is helpful! I’ve tried mentioning it to a couple of offenders but never got a response, so clearly they’re not interacting with people anyway, or don’t care! Also how often do you read your own tweets? Surely you’re not checking your own horoscope (which is a pile of tosh anyway in my opinion) via your own timeline?


Auto DMs on instagram… I didn’t know they were a thing but they so are, I’ve had a few recently, a couple from accounts I don’t even follow.

Follow for follow? These requests to me will just get your account blocked

On Email

Ping you an email/Ping it over later. This mostly happens at work, and you don’t just ping an email, you type it and send it. Just say sent, you’ll sound like less of an idiot. To me it’s  in the same boat as people who use phrases like ‘think outside the box’ and ‘blue sky thinking’

Emails asking ‘did you mean to unsubscribe?‘ YES! I was so fed up of seeing the same name in my email in box I unsubscribed, so seeing it again has not made me happy!


What do people do on social media that makes you want to scream?


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13 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry On Social Media

  1. Bahaha this is perfect – agree on all fronts! I get annoyed when people say ‘inbox me!’. What the fek? What on earth is wrong with the word ’email’? x

  2. Yes yes yes! I nodded along to every single word of this. What is wrong with these people?! ?

    I’d also add on instagram those captions that say ‘try commenting *insert random word here* letter by letter without getting interrupted!’ – what? Why?! Oh, so your comments are through the roof & IG can up your exposure? Right, because they’ll never see through a string of single character nonsense disguised as proper engagement ?

  3. Loved this. These things all make me angry too. The other one that gets me is the vague status “I’m so angry right now but I can’t say why” “got the most amazing blogger mail but I can’t talk about it yet” …. Oh piss off, no one cares x

  4. Hilarious! And so true (well, don’t do facebook or instagram so not those, but you’ve just confirmed being on there’s a bad idea). I’m coming back to this blog when I want something funny to read. Rofl!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh how I love a good rant!! I totally agree with Diane’s comment above. That’s like girls at a junior high dance crying in the bathroom with their Greek chorus of hangers-on desperately trying to be the first to offer the tissue & everyone else feeling left out because they don’t know what’s going on. What TF Ever!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Love it!! All of the above plus business requests sent to my personal FB account. I even deleted FB from my phone because of this, messages requesting reviewing items in the middle of the night.

  7. I agree with many of these, especially auto DMs. My social media pet hates are people using community Facebook groups as moaning forums and cross posts from one social media platform to another. If you can’t be bothered to use a social media platform properly, don’t use it at all. I don’t want to read incomplete Facebook statuses on Twitter!

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