Stuff on a Sunday #40

Another week has flown by in the blink of an eye, probably because we’ve been so busy! I’m still feeling a little behind on blog things, I have two events to write about and then I’m more or less there and have been turning down review items in favour of sleep, reading books and spending time with my two gorgeous little people!


On Sunday we headed off to Portsmouth for Arlos underwater photo shoot with Waterbabies, then went to Gunwharf Quay after (a discount retail shopping place) which was absolutely teeming with tour groups and really quite stressful as it was raining too! Nobody paid attention to where they were going or in which direction they were aimlessly meandering so I caught a few peoples heels with the buggy (ha, serves ’em right!) but we did have a lovely dinner at Coast to Coast! Sam bought Athena a giant milkshake to make up for getting annoyed at her getting annoyed at the photo shoot. I guess we were asking a lot by not expecting her to be okay with Arlo and I being in the water without her! Anyway, she downed this mega milkshake quicker than anything and then of course didn’t fancy her dinner! Ce la vie and lesson learnt!

On Monday we popped to a friends house for a playdate and brunch, and then headed into Brighton to meet up with Laura who i’ve not seen since she moved from here to Manchester! She was ever so lovely and kept retrieving Athena from wherever she sped off to whilst I was feeding Arlo! It was great to catch up with her and the rest of us Brighton blogging girls miss her lots! I also popped into work for a catch up too.

Tuesday was a lazy day for the little one and I, Sam dropped big A at nursery so we didn’t even get dressed until mid afternoon, where it was a quick trip into town before getting Athena from Nursery then home for a shared bath!



Wednesday saw us all up and out early, Sam for work and the sprogs and I onto a London bound train! My mum met us on the train and came with us too, which is always handy for keeping Athena occupied on the journey! An old friend who I hadn’t seen in a few years was also in our carriage so he sat with us too until his stop which was great! Our first stop in London was the ColiefPlaydate, my mum headed off to do her own thing and joined us afterwards but I’ll write more about the event soon. After that my mum too Athena for the afternoon and I headed off with Bex and her baby finn to the Amazon and Wilkinsons Christmas in July events.

Arlo and I rejoined my mum and Athena for dinner, where I finally popped Arlo into the buggy as he’d been in the sling all day till that point so that I could eat hands free, hurrah! That boy is starting to chunk out too, but was a hit with all the press ladies at the events, giving out smiles and gurgles to all and sundry the little charmer! We had a pretty stressful journey home as the train was packed so I stood with Athena in the buggy for the first 45 minutes, and the air con was busy so everyone was a sweaty mess! We finally arrived home around 9pm and all went right to bed!


Athena slept in till 8.30am on Thursday, which was her pre-summer wake up time and boy did I enjoy that extra cuppa! We had a lazy morning and then visited the park with Sophie and her little one in the afternoon before a leisurely dinner where Athena picked out ALL her meatballs from her spaghetti and ended up oompa loompa orange! I had a bath once Arlo was asleep and caught up with a few bits and bobs!

Friday saw us heading to a new playgroup, which was really nice, loads of outdoor space, crafts and a ‘chill out room’ FOR THE PARENTS! YEP! NO KIDS ALLOWED IN IT! awesome. After naps (yes, all three of us!) we popped to a friends round the corner for a playdate and spent some time in their garden.


On Saturday we had a visit from Ryan who we used to work with who we’ve not seen for ages! He came with us to a local carnival and Fire station open day! I went on the teacups with Athena, we did ‘break a plate’ and hook a duck things for charity and Athena got quite spoilt with all the little prizes we picked up! There was a gymnastics display, bouncy castles, marching bands and dog shows too! We had a lovely day and it was really nice to feel like part of the community! Plus there were loads of people babywearing too! Arlo had a swimming lesson in the late afternoon and then we all headed to our friends for a BBQ. We got back around 9pm so Athena went to bed late and at the time of typing this on Sunday AM she’s still snoozing!



6 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #40

  1. Oh I know what you mean about busy shopping centres, especially outlets. My idea of hell! The parents only area at the playgroup sounds great! I’ve never seen one of them at a playgroup before :). Fire station open days are great. We recently went to a police station open day and my little boy loved all the vehicles! 🙂 #TWTWC

  2. Sounds like a lovely week and the carnival sounds like a total hit with Athena. Yay for prizes! 🙂

    Ha, you sound like me when out shopping. I really cannot tolerate people ‘dithering’ about – drives me nuts. I have to do a lot of deep breathing and counting to ten! 😉



  3. What a lovely week, bless Athena for guzzling that milkshake and then not wanting anything to eat – I’m the same now if I have a big milky hot chocolate! Like a meal in itself X #TWTWC

  4. Blimey what a week! You’re always so busy and the press events sound like fun! I love it when babies start to get really chubby, Oliver used to look like a little rugby player!
    Hope you’re having a lovely week,
    Becky xx

  5. So sorry you had a pants time at Gunwharf, I love it there but sometimes it is heaving with people and no-one has any manners. That fire station open day looks awesome!! x

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