Wellies three ways with Wynsors

I have hankered after some Hunters for years now. My last pair of wellies were kindly given to me by a friend who picked them up after a festival she was working at. They were floral and looked almost brand new… great! I thought. I then wore them to Wicker Man festival in Scotland, where it rained. I soon discovered the wellies had an almost invisible slit in one toe that let in four gallons of water a minute! Miserable I tell you, considering the festival was in May it wasn’t even warm muddy water!

I’ve not actually had another pair of wellies since then, before kids I chose not to go out in the rain (oh, that luxury!) but now I have two little ones to keep entertained (the bigger of which LOVES to jump in puddles too!) staying in during the wetter weather isn’t an option. Step in my new short Hunter wellies! The creme de la creme of wellington boots in fact! I always struggled a bit with long boots because of my short legs, so these are ideal for me! They’re also a bit lighter than their regular sized counterparts! welllies2

I was challenged by Wynsors to style my wellies three ways, all suitable for a festival, so here goes…


With a graphic feather print tunic for a traditional festival, Monochrome for a more adult affair, perhaps an outdoor concert at Glyndebourne rather than a regular festival, then finally with jeans and a baggy Tshirt for a kid-friendly festival where I’ll be hurtling around after the a little person!

I’m looking forward to winter now, bring on the rain!

I was asked to choose a pair of wellies for the purpose of this blogpost, all views and opinions my own!

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