Well I’ve been pretty naff at keeping up with these weekly catchy up posts, but in all honesty they’d be pretty similar for the last few weeks to maybe a blessing in disguise! I’ve been more stressed than I’d like to be as I’m spending a lot of time just me and the little ones as Sam is working so much. I even made myself a bracelet to remind me constantly of my new life-motto “this too shall pass” as I was getting irritated and sometimes even angry at the smallest possible things and hated myself for it!

For the last two weeks I’ve had a pretty good morning routine down though, which has helped set the day off right (mostly anyway) as I was skipping breakfast in favour of getting the kids sorted and then leaving it too late. Now though I leave the kettle full, teabag waiting in cup and three bowls of porridge or cereal ready to be filled and heated in the morning (and the jam ready to be spooned on!) Alpro recently sent us some of their Oat Milk┬áto try as an alternative to cows milk, and actually it’s pretty good! I’m trying to limit Arlo’s dairy intake as I’m not sure he is managing to digest it that well so this works really well as it’s plant based and has no added sugars. Sam loves it for hot chocolates too!

I’m also trying not to be glued to my phone in the mornings and actually enjoy eating with the kids. Days recently have been mostly filled with playgroups, walks and garden centre visits! Athena is not a huge fan of Father Christmas in person it seems, one of our playgroups had a grotto set up and a lovely guy dressed up but she clung to my leg and only looked at him long enough to whip her present out of his hand! Arlo on the other hand was non plussed, but because she was limpet-like I didn’t manage to get a photo, maybe next year!

We managed to get a prime spot on the railway foot bridge near us to see a real steam train trundling along a couple of weekends ago, now I’m no train spotter but this was a pretty incredible sight, and definitely made a change from all the normal trains that thunder past on a daily basis! The smell of the smoke and steam as it went under the bridge was awesome too!

Arlo has mainly been dressed as an elf, and Athena has been rocking her Christmas pudding leggings and her new penguin top from her godmum Amy… but she makes a super cute penguin!

As for Christmas I’m not really ready, I forgot to even think about booking a slot for a food delivery so will have to battle the supermarkets at some point this week! Sam is hopefully off on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, which will be a first! He’s working every Christmas day since we’ve been together! I need to wrap up Athenas presents, and the few we’ve got for Arlo too, and will hopefully find time on Tuesday when Athena is at nursery! We’ve not put anything under the tree yet as I just don’t think anything would stay wrapped, the temptation would be too much for a certain little lady!

Hoping that you all have a lovely week in the run up to Christmas, we’re off to have lunch with friends who are over visiting from Japan who we’ve not seen since they moved there about three years ago! Tonight I plan on highlighting the good Christmas telly in the Radio Times and making mince pies!

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