Stuff on a Sunday #12

Ooohh… last ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ post of the year! I left off last Sunday heading to a carol service with Sam & Athena which was lovely but a bit different from last year where Athena slept all the way through! The carols were also a bit naff, I didn’t recognise a couple of them at all, and the dude controlling the words on the projector screen (how modern!) kept going too fast!

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This week Athena discovered Pringles and (empty) beer bottles!

Monday was a midwife appointment (all good, measuring spot on and a really strong heartbeat) and lunch at friends, before starting the endless piles of washing so I could not do any over Christmas but still have enough to take away for a week! My friend Carla popped over for a little while in the late afternoon, then another friend Jon came for dinner, sadly poor Sam was working a late shift so missed all the friends! Tuesday was my last working day of the year, and I had to finish an hour early to pick Athena up from Nursery by 5 as they were closing early for Christmas. Annoyingly it was a day when I had to squish a lot of work in as I’ll be away for over a week but I got it done and left on time, joining the throngs of people on the train home with their bulging shopping bags!

Christmas Eve, aka Wednesday was a stay in and snuggle my baby day (as much as she’ll let me anyway) with a very quick trip to the local shops for essentials (aka toilet roll, bread and orange juice) before a visit from Emily, one of Athena’s God parents who stayed and chilled out with us for the afternoon/early evening. Sam was working till 4 then went to the Pub to see some friends, I chose not to go so that I could make a start on the packing for our trip at the end of the week. I also did more washing and made some stuffing, thrilling stuff! Athena chose Christmas eve to miraculously start playing with some of her toys that she’d been ignoring for months that I was planning on getting rid of to make way for the new ones!

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Christmas day was an early start for Sam, he left for work at 6am, although annoyingly I had woken up for a pregnancy pee at 1.30am, and he woke up after a nightmare (bless!) at 4am which woke me up so it wasn’t a particularly restful night for me! Luckily Athena didn’t wake up till gone 8.30 so when I woke up with no chance of going back to sleep at half seven I read a couple of chapters of my book in peace. Once we were up and had breakfast Athena opened her stocking presents and we polished off the last few days of my advent calendar! My mum arrived mid morning and Athena opened the presents from her and a few other relatives, and we waited for Sam to get home from work before she opened the presents from us, after we had our Christmas Dinner. A nice low key day, as normal but it’s how I like it! Sam and I both headed to bed after Call the Midwife because we were both shattered!  (it made Sam teary eyed, what a big girls blouse… I didn’t even get emotional, I must be made of stone)

Athena slept even later, till just gone 9am on Boxing day, and we had a very chilled out day playing with some of her new toys and reading some new books. I did a bit of online sale shopping from M&S and Boots for baby boy clothes, and a couple of things from ASOS maternity for me because cycling the same few outfits is getting dull! Poor Sam worked from 7am till 7pm trying to get everything sorted and handed over for his 9 days away so that none of his employees will have to bother him (fingers crossed anyway!) The race was on to eat all the leftovers and pack up the rest of the bits we need for a week away. Thankfully we are going away in a nice hire car as our car is still in the repair shop from the accident, so we’re not putting miles on our own car, and the hire car is a few years newer than ours but still an estate so we can ram it full of stuff! We’re taking up a box and some bags fill of baby girl clothes for our friends daughter, after weeding out all the things that are unisex or boy appropriate!


Saturday morning saw us up bright and early to pack the car up and head to Milton Keynes. Sam had a snowboard session booked at the snow-dome, and Athena I met up with my friend Tina who I’d not seen for ages! We also had a peruse of the shops before heading to a hotel for the night to break up our journey a bit!

Today, Sunday, we are heading to Sam’s mums house to stay for a week, it’s the first time we’ll have been to her new house as she only moved recently. We’re also stopping in at my Aunt and Uncles house on the way in Cambridgeshire for a visit, as we’ve not seen them for almost a year!

As we’re ‘on holiday’ even though it’s really just staying with family I probably won’t be blogging a whole lot this week, so if this is the last you hear from me until next Sunday (or possibly Monday as we’re driving home next Sunday…) then have a SUPER BRILLIANT New Years Eve!

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  1. Phew! What a week 🙂 It’s a shame Sam had to work so much but sounds like you’ve both worked out how to make the best of it and still have a lovely Christmas. I hope you’re all having a brilliant time up North (ish) xxx

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