Stuff on a Sunday #13

Happy New Year!  I’m currently sat writing this in a reclining chair (comfy) full of a cold that suddenly appeared this afternoon (not so comfy) and trying to remember what we’ve been up to this week! Here goes…

windy on Cromer pier!



Monday was our first day in Norfolk, having arrived the night before to visit Sams mum in her new house. We headed up the coast to Cromer to enjoy an ice-cream at the end of the pier to celebrate her boyfriends birthday, it was pretty windy and cold though! In the evening we headed to the local pub that miraculously has a really good restaurant for a birthday dinner. Athena didn’t seem to want to stay sat at the table or to eat anything, so we had to take it in turns to follow her around the pub!



On Tuesday we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and a very frosty outside world. We headed into Norwich very briefly to go to a baby shop with a load of tandem prams in, as spending an hour looking at them in Kiddicare on Sunday clearly wasn’t enough! We popped home via a supermarket to get some supplies and Sam decided to grab a box of fireworks for NYE. One of his good friends came over in the evening for dinner and we spent most of the night watching people explore abandoned mental hospitals and other creepy mansions on youtube, odd to some but we all enjoyed it!

Wednesday was New Years Eve, and we spent a lovely afternoon visiting friends with their 8 month old baby. We don’t see them very often so it was lovely to catch up with them! We also swapped baby clothes over, we gave them Athenas clothes from 9 months to 18 months and they gave us all the clothes they had that were unisex, including a few bits that we had given them back before their daughter arrived, which brought back a few memories! We drove home, picking up a chinese takeaway on the way as we’re staying so far out nobody delivers! We then spent a lovely evening in, just the two of us (Athena was asleep as normal at 7pm) watching films, eating chinese and chocolate and then venturing out into the garden and field behind at half past eleven to play with fireworks. Now these fireworks were definitely not the greatest ever, in fact I would go so far to say that they were most definitely underwhelming! However we had a good time hurtling around in the mud and laughing at how crap the whizzbangs were! We spent midnight ankle deep in mud in the field after attempting to light a few in relay for a slightly better display…didn’t work! But it was a nice evening together as we’ve not spent a NYE together for about four years due to work commitments!

Thursday arrived and with it a new year, we were all feeling fresh and Athena even slept in for no apparent reason till 9ish! We headed to Sam’s cousins house for a family party from 11am, and spent a wonderful day getting to know them all a bit more. Athena was the 5th (and youngest) of all the cousins children so it was a bit hectic at times but her second cousin once removed (is that right? who knows) called Jamie is her new best friend! She wouldn’t leave him alone and he was SO good with her, I almost asked if we could take him home with us for on tap entertainment! We played 3 games in teams (I was on the winning team, naturally!) and then Sam and his cousin battled it out over some gross flavoured jelly bean game… dog food or vomit flavoured beans anyone? A personal highlight of the day was Athena napping on me for an hour, which is a rarity indeed! After driving a rather sloshed Sam back home we finished off the rest of our chinese and went to bed!

On Friday we headed into Norwich for a little bit of a browse around the shops, as I had a gift card for House of Fraser burning a hole in my purse and we don’t have one at home! I got a new Benefit creaseless cream shadow. Sam bought himself a new suit jacket and we met a friend for lunch. Sadly EVERYWHERE was packed and when we finally found somewhere with no wait for tables the food took forever to arrive and the poor waitress was run off her feet! Athena was also not napping for some reason, so by the time we’d finished lunch at gone 3pm she was dead on her feet and fell asleep as soon as we started walking back to the car! I started reading my first book of the year, a John Grisham novel and headed to bed early to get a chunk read. I also turned 27 weeks pregnant and entered the third trimester!

Saturday was another lovely social day as Sams mum was having an open house for her friends so they could come and see her new house. I’d met most of them before as they’re Sams family friends so we had a lovely buffet and Athena entertained everyone by diving along the coffee table, dancing and generally being lovely (I’m biased but they all said she was!) Annoyingly at half four I sat on the bed for 5 minutes as I had a bit of a headache and woke up 2 hours later feeling rough and full of cold, ce la vie! Tomorrow we are heading back to Sussex via my friend Laura in Essex, as we’ve not seen her since she had her third little boy a few months back!

Apologies if this post looks weirdly formatted, I’m having to type and format it in the WP window which I hate, but for some reason the program I normally use (Live Writer) has decided not to let me upload to my blog, or re add the blog after deleting it! Very frustrating and i’ve spent a good few hours trying to fix it to no avail! But I do need to get it sorted as using the WordPress editor is killing me!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the first few days of the year, I certainly have as it’s meant lots of time as a family together as a three, with the thought that in a few months we’ll be a family of four!

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