Stuff on a Sunday – Norfolk, Family & Friends

At the start of the week I had a lovely little break away with Donna, we both had a massage, a delicious dinner and a really good nights sleep at a lovely hotel called Needham House. The massage I had was the nicest I have ever had, the masseuse never broke contact throughout my back massage at all, she moved around the bed as if by magic and I only knew where she was by peering through the whole to spy where her feet were! I felt truly relaxed, and the ESPA facial was the icing on the cake! The grounds of Needham were lovely, we had a little walk but it started to drizzle so we headed back inside to let our breakfast digest and got on with some work in the comfy bar area!

I got home on Tuesday night after three and a half hours in the car to re pack it with Sam and the Kids to drive up to Norfolk! Sam did this leg though so I got my little laptop out and caught up with some writing in the car! Amazingly we did the journey in one go, it took just under four hours and neither kid got sick! Arlo napped for a bit of it but Athena managed to stay awake, though there were a lot of Alphabet recitals and even more nursery rhymes!

Storm Doris hit with a bang, hurling wheelie bins and all sorts of other things around, and making the internet slower than it already was up here in the wilds of Norfolk! I spent two days working though whilst Sam and his mum took the kids out to entertain them so I’m feeling more or less on top of things, for once! On Friday we had a nice family day in Norwich, we walked round the Cathedral, lighting a candle for those who are no longer with us. We walked back into town via the path along the river and then I met up with our friend Amy and her two little people for an afternoon in the Castle Museum.

On Saturday we spent the day with family after a little explore of a derelict church tower close by. It was lovely to catch up with all the family as we don’t see them very much as we live so far away from Norfolk! Athena loved playing with her cousins (2nd one removed, I think?) and Arlo tolerated his little cousin who is just 6 months younger, but they did that toddler thing of playing in the vicinity of each other rather than with each other! The kids have both loved playing with Nessie, their Grannies huge dog too.

Onto this weeks #LittleLoves:


I haven’t finished a book this week, I’m falling behind! In fact I’ve not read much of anything exciting, just a lot of marketing strategies for work!


Also not watched in the way of grown up things, apart from Call the Midwife on catch up! Oh, and the mid season-finale of Suits, finally!


We listened to some Iron and Wine on the car on the way up, plus some Sufjan Stevens, and I also listened to a lot of podcasts this week as I’ve been too tired to read much. I wish this cold would just do one!


Nothing, unless baking frozen cupcakes from a packet mix with the kids counts!


A thick scarf all week, it’s been so windy!


We’re heading home today, via lunch at our friends in Norwich. we’re hoping our roof is still intact and looking forward to getting back the routine of pre-shcool and child minder! I am also going to start Slimming World. Shit, now I’ve typed it and published it I better stick to it!

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  1. I love your brief Little Loves! 🙂 It was so lovely to see you last week – must make a date to meet up with the kids too. Love that photo of Sam and the littles, Arlo looks like he’s stretching so high! x

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