Stylish changing bags big enough for two!

When I look back at the first couple of weeks of having Athena I’m always amused at the fact that I literally just look a travel changing mat, a pack of wipes and a few spare nappies out, tucked into the bottom of her carry cot on the pram. No change of clothes (these were slightly pre the poop explosion days) and we didn’t need bottles as I was breastfeeding, and it didn’t occur to me to carry anything else, as I was still using a normal handbag! Fast forward a couple of months and I had a proper changing bag full to the brim with books, toys, that well known giraffe, snacks (for me, then for both of us) hand sanitizer, nappy cream, sun screen, hats and probably a dozen other things! Over a year on and I still cart all that round with me, only now it’s woolly hats and calpol instead of summer hats and sun screen. Add to the mix that we use cloth nappies most of the time, and THEN add a newborn to the mix. I need a new changing bag, one with plenty of space and one that will see me through till the new baby no longer needs all sorts of things being carted around for him (unless we have another one!) so I’ve been on the hunt for ones that will do the job, and do it stylishly too. Here’s my lust list:

changing bags for 2

1 – BabyBeau Sophia in grey & the Eden in tan

A friend of mine has a Babybeau bag and I remember asking her how she managed to carry on using a handbag with all the stuff she needed and it was only when she showed me inside I realised it was an actual changing bag! I just couldn’t choose a favourite from the range so had to include two Babybeau bags! Both bags have removable inner bags/organisers that attach with hidden poppers so that you can instantly transform the bags into regular hand bags (which is what they look like anyway!) They also come with a changing mat and bottle holder, and zipped back pockets. I love that they’re real leather and will therefore look better as they age! Short and long straps mean they’re versatile for whatever you’re up to.

 2- Storksak Bobby

The Bobby is one of a vast range of bags from Storksak, with three external pockets and plenty of inner ones too, including a detachable bag for food/bottles/whatever (that has a velcro strap for quick trips attached to the buggy) Long, short and stroller straps, plus a padded changing mat too. The Bobby is made of a quilted nylon material so I’d worry about marks and dirt a bit but I love the grey colour, although it’s available in five other colours too! I also love the look of the Noa bag, which is wipe clean.

3- Babymel ‘Cara’ in Red stripe

The nautical stripes are what drew me to this bag, but the fact that it comes with an insulated bag, changing mat and buggy straps helped too! Internal and outside pockets for all your bits and bobs, plus shoulder or over the body strap choice.

4- Pacapod Hastings

This is a rucksack style bag (with buggy clips) with various ‘pods’ inside to keep everything organised, including a changing mat, insulated bag for food, and one for nappies and wipes, which can be used on their own when needed. An external front pocket for easy storage of keys/phone etc, and I love the classic buckle/strap detail. A pretty ‘dad friendly’ bag too I think.

5 – Coco Bow Oxley in Blue

I like that this can also be worn three ways, over the shoulder, cross body or handily as a backpack, so perfect for baby wearing! This bag was designed with a mum of 2 children in mind, so has plenty of space for the necessities. The changing mat also has two pockets so can be used for a quick trip to the changing room without the need to take the whole bag. This style is also available in a tan leather too,  Another one that doesn’t look like a changing bag so plenty of life left in it when you’re not carting nappies around!

 6 – Nova Harley Boho

I love the slouchy style of the Boho, and inside all the compartments/pockets are labelled with pictures for ease of use. These sections include everything you’d expect, along with a ‘mothers section’, the lining is wipe clean too. Sadly this is only available in black, but there are some much more colourful styles available too!

So, which is your favourite? I must admit I’m leaning towards something leather and ‘handbag’ looking so I can get more use out of it in years to come!

None of these companies have asked me to feature their bags, all words/opinions my own.

19 thoughts on “Stylish changing bags big enough for two!

  1. Wow, those changing bags are all so stylish. I had a buggy branded one and not even for my buggy – a friend gave it to me. I am trying to get pregnant now, and will have to get a stylish one like this, this time. xx

  2. When I had my son I thought changing bags had some sort of magical property which meant I had to have one! I realised (a bit slowly) that anything big with a few compartments will do the job quite well too, though there are some lovely bags you have selected… I think the choice is getting better!

  3. Ah I remember the days of the tardis bags that had to carry everything up to and including the kitchen sink. I had a storksac as my first baby bag though. It was lovely.

  4. This is such a great list – I love a good changing bag ie one that does what you need it to but also holds a hundred other things. I love Pacapod and always get loads of comments when using their bag – I like the fact that everything feels so organised in their bags too.

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