Meat Liquor Brighton – not just for carnivores!

Last week I spent an evening gorging myself at Meat Liquor, sadly without the liquor as I’m fairly heavily pregnant! But hey, eating for two meant I could scoff away to my hearts content and not feel guilty. Despite the name Meat Liquor actually does cater for vegetarians and vegans too, and in our party of 5 we had two vegetarians and a couple of allergy ‘sufferers’ too (for want of a better word)

If you’ve not eaten at Meat Liquor before then it works like this: sit down, drool over the menu (divided into bits, bobs and burgers), order with the Burgerette,  tuck a serviette (well, square of kitchen roll) into your collar, wait for food to arrive on big metal trays, scoff food, cutlery optional, no plates required.

It may not be the best place to take your well-to-do aunt and uncle perhaps but it is good fun, very social and definitely filling. There are rolls of kitchen roll to wipe fingers/gobs and lots of ketchup and mustard and other condiments, although in my opinion nothing needed extra flavouring. Graffiti style decor, crazy clown lights and wobbly and weird mirrors make this a

IMG_6018 IMG_6016 IMG_6010 IMG_6004

We decided to go for a group order rather than individual, which is a good idea as everything comes served together anyway, although as we’d said we had two vegetarians their meals arrived on a separate smaller tray to ensure it didn’t get cosy with the meat dishes. Here’s a run down of the veggie options we devoured:

Satans Fingers (bottom left in the photos above) are battered ‘mock chicken’ coated in a spicy hot sauce (some a lot hotter than others!) were actually really tasty, and  tasted pretty meaty, a healthy portion size two, we ordered two for the table and they went down well with meat eaters and veggies alike.

Halloumi & Mushroom burger (top right above) with big chunks of halloumi, pickles, lettuce, sauce and mushrooms in a regular burger bun. If I liked mushrooms and cheese didn’t give me heartburn (oh pregnancy you weird and wonderful thing) I’d order this even though I do eat meat, it looks delicious and Katie who ate it devoured it quite happily!

Burgaloo a semi spicy veggie patty, I tried some of Lyndsays and it tasted almost indian-like, kind of a cross between bombay potatoes and onion bhaji-ish. I quite liked it but I think it was a bit dry with the bun too, so perhaps add some more sauce if you try it.

Fried Pickles – officially a ‘bits’ (or starter) but we had everything together. These were a dream for me as a pickle lover (I had most peoples pickles from their burgers too) and I’d actually eat a whole plate of these but I guess that would be weird. The blue cheese dip they came with was pretty delish too.

IMG_6026 IMG_6031

We ordered some Hippy Fries (with fried onions and hippy sauce) some Cheesy fries and some Chilli cheese fries (beef chilli fyi) along with some southern ‘Slaw as sides too, all were tasty and everything we ordered was freshly cooked, taking about 15 minutes to arrive at the table after ordering. View the full menu on their website here.

Somehow we managed to fit in a pudding (okay, admittedly we shared one between four of us) although I don’t think pudding is often ordered as there was just the one option, an Arctic Roll. It did come nicely spruced up with fresh strawberries though!

20150205_201243 20150205_192032

And finally I will leave you with this glorious photo of me tucking into one of Satans Fingers…


Thank you to Meat Liquor for inviting us along to try out all their options, meaty and veggie. I’ll be back once this baby has made an appearance so I can tuck into a cocktail alongside my meal next time! (Kids under 16 are welcome till 7pm, the restaurant opens at midday every day and high-chairs are available fyi!)

Book online here or call them on 01273 917710. You can follow on twitter to keep up to date with offers, and if you are really local then you can even get food delivered right to your door with Dine In! No excuse not to really…


4 thoughts on “Meat Liquor Brighton – not just for carnivores!

  1. Gosh I would never have thought of visiting this place as a vegetarian but that food sounds really nice. I pass this place all the time but the name coupled with the harsh black exterior makes me think that it is not for me. I didn’t even realise that it was a restaurant for a while, I thought it was a club because there were bouncers outside. And it definitely doesn’t look like a place you could bring kids to at all from the outside.London Road is really filling up with some interesting places now.

  2. These veggie options look lovely – I als so tempted by the Hallomi and Mushroom burger, although I think I will stick to my Monkey Fingers! I loved the fried pickles though!

    Their salads are really nice too, but you don’t generally go to Meat Liquor for salads!

  3. I’m definitely going to have dinner here when I’m next in Brighton! hopefully a weekend at the end of March, I always assumed it was really far out of the centre but just googled it and it isn’t! Everything looks so delicious!

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