Sunday Scrapbook – Cycling a four person bike & being a teacher!

We’re half way through the Summer holidays! This past week has been the first week we were at home all week too and it was so nice to just catch up on the washing, the post, and enjoy being at home a bit! We have been out and about of course – picking the two days it rained of course, sods law! It was pretty nice to stick jeans and wellies on though for the first time in forever! Here’s this weeks vlog if you fancy a watch:


If you watched my instagram stories at all this week you’ll have seen us cycling this weird bike/tuk tuk hybrid along the seafront, which was fun but pretty hard on the old legs! There is a guy hiring them out this summer so we pedalled down the seafront, had an ice cream and meandered back. The kids loved it, waving at everyone as we went along!

We had a tiring day out at Chessington on Wednesday, but i’ll write about that separately and then on Thursday we spent a soggy morning at Southwater country park with Kate and T where the kids flung themselves down slides that were so wet they might as well have been water features, leapt about on climbing frames and generally had a lot of fun and got really wet,  soaked through to the skin wet in fact! But they loved it and Kate and I had rain coats so it could have been worse! 

We also spent a lovely afternoon at friends houses on both Thursday and Friday, it was nice for me to catch up with MY friends as well as the kids playing with theirs! I’ve been slotting in my workload in the evenings and having way too many late nights too, but last night I went for birthday drinks at a friends house and it was SO lovely to have a change of scene and get out of the house in the evenings! I had to be home for half ten so Sam could go to work but hey ho, can’t be helped! Today is my mums birthday so we’re off to Firle vintage fair for the day, and depserately hoping the rain stays away!


I have been trying to limit our time in the house so we don’t all get on each others nerves, and partly because Sam has been doing night shifts all this week so is sleeping in the day, but when we are home there has a been a lot of ‘Schools’ being played as Athena has kindly been sent the ‘I wanna be a teacher’ pack, and she is LOVING it! It’s a really well designed spiral bound set of teacher themed resources so she can teach us to her hearts content! Ever since starting school last year she’s been declaring a love for teaching and getting us (and her soft toys) to sit on the carpet ready to be told what to do! It’s lovely to see her mimicking her teacher and trying different techniques to get her brother to listen to her (maybe I can pick up a few tips?) but with the addition of the play pack she has everything she needs for a proper class: registers, lesson plans, letter/number practise, reading logs, reports, sick notes and even stickers and certificates for the ever important rewarding! All the sheets are perforated so can be removed if needed, and the pack stands up so the whole class can see it! She’s absolutely loving being a ‘real teacher’ and I’m loving the (relative) peace and quiet as the kids play schools! I also love that the packs are designed and made in the UK too! Find out more (and see the other ideas in the range) at Wannabees.

This coming week sees a week of daily swimming lessons for the kids at a little private pool as a sort of introduction/intensive course, so wish us luck! Happy Sunday!

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