Sunday Scrapbook – Mice at the Theatre

Another week of this year has shot by, this one on a blur of feeling dreadful and sleeping pretty much! We had a lovely day at Marwell last Saturday (here’s a video) but last Sunday I woke up feeling a bit rough and ended it with a fever in bed by 6pm. I’d fallen asleep with the kids for an afternoon nap and when I woke up I was practically delirious, boiling hot one moment then sweating and shivering the next. Turns out it was tonsillitis and I managed to see a doctor on Monday afternoon who gave me a prescription for antibiotics, which I hate taking but needs must on this occasion!  I was sick after the first few doses but finally managed to keep them down and by Thursday was feeling a lot better! I am still off tea though, so no caffeine for a week… not sure why I don’t fancy a cuppa but the thought of having one makes me feel a bit queasy still! I did discover hot spiced ribena though and have been drinking it like it’s going out of fashion! Thankfully our child minder had Arlo for an extra day this week and also did a school pick up for me to help out, whilst I was a shivering wreck in the corner!

On Saturday we had been invited to the Theatre Royal in Brighton to their 100 Tails of Us show, which was so much fun! It tells the tale of two families of mice who live in the theatre, and they’ve had a bit of a feud… they need our help to work out if it is a feud or just a misunderstanding! It’s so cleverly done, all set up in the staircases of he theatre, with a little break at the top to make your own mice, explore the mouse-houses and have a little snack! It’s completely immersive and interactive and the kids absolutely loved it! It’s on a few times a day throughout December and you can get tickets here.


So because of being ill I’m a bit behind with work, but I have read a lot of my book, even if I fell asleep reading it a lot! We’re slowly starting to get into the festive spirit, and this morning we’re off to do a little tour of some garden centres to look at all the christmassy bits! we’re going to get out tree on Wednesday I think, after Athena’s school nativity play!

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