Sunday Scrapbook – New Videos & Eyes

So a brief post as I’m currently on holiday, and spent the last week either writhing in agony with my poor eyes or attempting to get everything sorted for going away (and going away without the kids and husband is more stressful I think as was trying to prep them for a week without me!) Anyway the stress and a cold made my blimming eyes flare up so I eventually went to see an optician who said “Well it’ll never go away, Blepharitis is a chronic condition” so that’s great. A lifetime of washing my eyes out and using drops, awesome. I mean I am fully aware there are far nastier chronic conditions to live with but gritty eyes that you can’t stop rubbing is pretty shit. Plus I look like someones punched me in the face when they’re so swollen, and no make up of course… Anyway, I’m on holiday and hiding behind sunglasses because it’s sunny enough to do so here in Israel!

So instead of waffling on more about what I got up to last week I’m going to leave my last two YouTube videos here for your viewing pleasure (well, maybe)

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