Sunday Scrapbook | Vlog – Boating on the Broads & Mazes

We’re up in Norfolk at the moment, and I can’t believe one week of the holidays have gone already! We’re having a lovely time apart from all being too hot almost all the time.┬áThe rain when it arrived on Friday night was definitely welcome, and the cooler temperatures are much more comfortable. I find it so funny how so many people whinge about it not being warm enough in the summer and now we’re practically living in the Sahara and nobody can cope! I wouldn’t mind so much had we not had a six hour road trip on Wednesday with no a/c in the car – boo!

It’s actually raining at the moment so I am catching up on some work and letting the kids entertain themselves but we’re going out for lunch in a bit, but I am determined to help them catch up on some sleep tonight with a 6pm bedtime rather than the 9pm they’ve been having – they’re probably missing about a nights sleep over the past week all told! Oh well, at least no school or preschool to worry about the purple bags under their eyes don’t look so good!


We’re going to be making short vlogs for each week of the holidays as a way for us to remember what we got up to, so here is this weeks… including a trip out on the boat on the Broads (Where Sam took me out on a sailing boat as well as our motorboat, and I neither fell in nor got whacked on the head by the boom – I maybe even enjoyed it!

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