The No-Fail Gift Guide for Weddings

So you’re attending another wedding. While it’s lovely to watch your friends or members of your family finally start their journey down the road of matrimony, preparing for the event can be a doozy. Among the most troubling parts of prep? Finding the right gift.

You might have found yourself giving away the iconic his-and-hers towel sets every time you’ve had to attend one of these events. But this time around, you might want to opt for something a little more creative. Here are a few gift suggestions for weddings that are sure to get the bride and groom all giddy.

Gift Cards

Let’s face it – you can keep trying to imagine what you’d like to get if you were getting married. But your unique preferences and standards will always result to a bias that might not apply to your recipient. So why not give a gift card instead? Whenever you give someone a gift card, you’re really offering the gift of choice. Plus, the fact that most companies will let you decide on a denomination for your gift card value means you’ll never have to spend more than you’re capable or willing to.

Sparkling Wine or Champagne

You can never really go wrong with booze. A romantic bottle of fine, sparkling wine or champagne is sophisticated yet celebratory, making the perfect gift for couples who want to have an intimate celebration after their major wedding event. Just slap a ribbon on and tie a card around it, and you’ve got yourself a world class gift that will work great with any couple.

Picture Frames and Photo Albums

How many couples have envelopes upon envelopes of wedding photos just stacked in the garage? Photography services will often mail print outs of pictures a few weeks or months after the ceremony. By then, most couples will find that they’re too busy to go out shopping for photo frames and albums so prints are left to collect dust. Gifting a classy set of frames and photo albums can keep your couple prepared so their prints find a decorative place in their home instead of a dark storage box in the attic.


Who doesn’t love a kitchen cookware upgrade? Even a single pot or pan can be a great new addition to a newlywed’s collection. Look for something universal – like a sizable wok, a skillet, or a sauce pan that the couple can use for a variety of dishes. You’ll be sure that you’re giving an investment they’ll enjoy many years down the line.

Personal Care Essentials

Scented candles, lavish body washes, luxurious perfumes and colognes – all of these things encourage couples to snuggle up and get cozy. That’s why they make great wedding gifts. Consider buying them a classy his-and-hers fragrance bundle to help them set an intimate mood. A favorite for most givers is Bleu de Chanel – a full-bodied fragrance that’s both powerful and al

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