Travel: Family Holiday That Bring You Closer To Nature

It can be challenging to interest children in wildlife. While toddlers can get excited when they first spot a bee or a bird, older children can develop a form of boredom. Who can blame them? In our busy lifestyles, nobody really takes the time to stop and appreciate mother nature. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult for households to choose activities and solutions that actively protect the planet. From buying food that comes in plastic packaging to using your car for short distance travel, changing your habits can be challenging. Of course, we all want to save the planet, but nobody can find the motivation to adopt new habits. However, taking your family on a nature-friendly vacation can help you to embrace a new discipline. When you see what is at risk, it can be easier to encourage your children, your partner, and yourself to build a positive and eco-friendly mindset.

A windmill in Greece

Low cost and easy to organise: camping

If you want to stay local, a camping holiday can be a great way of getting your children to interact with the nature around them. You will need to make sure that you’ve got all the equipment you need, as last-minute purchases on the way can get expensive! You can find plenty of charming campsite along the Welsh and South coast. For a break in nature, Wales is a fantastic destination, as you’re less likely to be next to a main road. Additionally, you might be able to spot some dolphins swimming in the Irish sea! Sleeping in a tent can help your children to become aware of the little sounds of nature, such as the birds in the morning, for instance.

See the sights with a professional guide

How about combining your nature experience with a cultural tour too? Greece is an exciting destination all year long – in fact, if you’re worried about the hot summer, you can still book your holiday for the mid-term break and enjoy the warm weather. The mainlands and the islands are scattered with historical landmarks in the middle of beautiful, natural sites. You can avoid the crowds by planning your own yacht charter Greece based tour, so that you can day-hop through the main harbours and see some of the monuments from the boat. Additionally, the combination of blue sky, clear water and exciting sea life can help to drive the point across; nature should be protected.

Bring your winter suit for a magical night

Last, but not least, nature doesn’t only exist in summer. You can take your children to a winter experience in Finland, where they can sleep under the sky in a glass-roofed igloo. The accommodation offers a base to see the Northern Lights in the middle of the snowy landscape. When nature can produce such wonders, it’s impossible not to want to protect it! Additionally, you can make the most of your stay in Finland to learn a few new habits. The country promotes zero waste households and eco-friendly routines; so you could learn something interesting!

Northern Lights


The idea of a holiday that teaches you something about the area tends to sound dull for kids, but it’s important to see the wonders of nature to be in a better position to make the planet green again.


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