An Hour is all it takes…

applewood cheese

This past week we’ve spent very little time together as a family, Sam is working ridiculously long hours opening up a new hotel so is rarely home. Poor Athena has stopped asking for Daddy in the mornings, although Arlo and I get the bed to ourselves a lot which makes a change! He had the weekend just gone off work though and it’s likely to be his last for a while so we made the most of family time, and on Sunday evening before we put Athena and Arlo to bed  we switched off the TV, put our phones away and spent an hour just enjoying each others company. Both kids are at are really fun age, Athena is talking more and more and is are so a right little comedian, doing comedy falls to make us laugh, often pretending to fall over her brother!
applewood cheeseOnce their bedtime rolled around, we read a Christmas story together and Athena went to sleep. Whilst I fed Arlo into a sleepy slumber Sam cracked on with dinner. We’d been sent a bundle of goodies from Applewood Cheese to enjoy as part of Applewood Hour, their initiative to get families to spend quality time together. Isn’t it daft that often we need to actually remind ourselves and pencil in time together! But I guess that’s what a lot of people’s lives are like now, especially when one or both parents do shift work which we both shall be when I finish maternity leave for my day job!

Once we’d polished off our Applewood Bake (it’s delicious and smoky) and scraped the last bits out with crackers we cracked on with a game of Monopoly! I can’t even remember the last time I played and it was definitely the first time I’d played with Sam! It’s definitely true that all families have their own rules too! We had a bit of a discussion about those!

applewood cheese applewood cheese

Anyway, this reminder was just what we needed to make sure we got some quality time in before another week of long days and nights for Sam and me at home with the sproglets! We’re already planning what to do for our next Applewood hour, Sam reckons he can beat me at any game I choose, but we shall see about that! I say ‘hour’ actually it was pretty much a whole evening of no phones, and each others company and it was wonderful!

You can buy Applewoods range of smoked cheese at most large supermarkets, and find your closest pub serving up recipes including Applewood here. If we didn’t have two small children we would’ve loved to spend our hour (or more!) in the pub!

Applewood sent us a parcel of goodies to enjoy for the purpose of this blogpost, all words and opinions are my own.


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  1. I can’t remember the last time me and my boyfriend did this sort of thing! Glad you enjoyed it, but who won the monopoly game?!Love a fondue too!

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