Out & About

Out and About is where you’ll find all our travel related posts. From holidays in the UK and abroad, to wanderlust lists of amazing destinations! Also day trips and accommodation reviews!

In which I share random pictures from my trip

At the Zoo frou frou wedding frocks       The animation in the lift up to the top of a skyscraper, and a random (BIG) green man Amazingly fun and entertaining train set in Frankfurt train station!    The Guy in the red tights is talented to walk in heels that high, and be a man. Sam on a really long…

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In which I visit Germany – Frankfurt

  Sam & I spent three days and nights in Frankfurt, before I headed south to stay with my friend Emily… I’d done a bit of research before we went, but we went with an open mind as to what we should do! (Sam would disagree with me I think!) On day one we headed to the Explora museum, via…

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In which I love German food

sweet potato fries // stir fried duck (on the train!) // Emily eating potato salad and sausages enchiladas // fajitas White sausage & sweet mustard // hooters burger! Pretzel face! scrummy chocolate two cakes of unknown names and on the left, unknown ingredients! Our best guess was fig. Chocolate shop! Raspberry and apple cake with custard and biscuit crumb topping…

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