Donating my hair to The Little Princess Trust

Last Wednesday was an ordinary day for me, until I finished work for the day and headed to Shine, a hairdressers in Brighton’s North Laine to have three quarters of my hair chopped off for a hugely good cause. It has been sent off to the Little Princess Trust to be turned into a wig for a little girl or boy who needs one. I wrote a post last week about why I wanted to get the chop and I didn’t back out and am in love with the result!

Shine very kindly cut and restyled my hair free of charge as I was getting it done for a good cause but I think I’ll be heading back before the baby arrives for a trim and colour so I won’t have to think about it for a while when i’m juggling two babies! My stylist was Alice and she couldn’t have been nicer, or more supportive of my decision! Before the big chop commenced we had a chat about the style and length I wanted, settling on a long bob graduating to be longer at the front so I could still play around with styles and keeping it off my face when needed. We then put my hair in a pony tail and secured it at the top, middle and bottom, after a double checking I definitely wanted to go ahead, she cut it off! To donate your hair it must be clean and dry and held together securely, so into a plastic bag it went for me to pop into the post later on! I measured it when I got home and it was a whopping 15 inches long!


Alice then washed and conditioned my hair, which already felt ten times lighter than ever before! Once I was back in the chair I couldn’t help but relax, even in its choppy state hanging somewhere around my collarbone I could tell I’d made the right decision. Alice got to work and my new style soon started to take shape, and with meticulous precision she made sure that it hung evenly all the way round, then added a bit of thickness and shape by cutting it in a little round the front at the ends, there is a probably a technical word for that but I don’t know what it is!

It was such a relaxing couple of hours in the salon too, which made the whole experience much easier to take! I’d describe the interior of Shine as industrial chic, all exposed brick work and steel fixings and nice lowered lighting. There is a beauty room too, so you could always treat yourself to a massage or facial at the same time as getting your hair done!

Here’s the before and after shots…

A big difference, but a good one I think. Everyone has been really complimentary about it too which I’m so happy about! I’ve now washed it a couple of times and am amazed at how quickly it dries, and how much body it has after being left to dry naturally too! I do have to remember to use much less shampoo of course! I’m so excited to play about with it a bit, i’m going to dig out my curling tongs and see what I can manage to come up with!

If you’re thinking of getting seven inches or more taken off your hair then I’d really love for you to donate it to the Little Princess Trust, you can view the FAQs of donating and fundraising here.

Thank you again to Shine, and Alice in particular for making the whole experience bearable and leaving me loving my new hair style!

4 thoughts on “Donating my hair to The Little Princess Trust

  1. This just came up in the ‘you may also like’ bit, I’d never seen this post before.
    I too did the very same thing a while back, it is such a nice feeling isn’t it? My hair grows ridiculously quickly and just annoys me so I’m so glad that it was able to go to a good cause.
    Well done 🙂

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