Enhance Your Interior Décor The Way You’ve Never Imagined

It’s comforting and amazing to live in a beautiful, functional space. Your interior décor reflects your lifestyle, passion, and interests. Design your entire house your liking since it’s your little haven that shields us from the rest of the world. Surprisingly, some people have a natural eye for design, while others have to consult Pinterest before their every move.

Therefore, if you’re not sure of what to do regarding your home’s interior design, hiring a seasoned professional takes the workload off your shoulders. But before you consider hiring a professional, here are ways of enhancing your interior décor, ideal for your budget and easy to follow.

Raise The Ceiling

Most homes have a lower ceiling which makes space feel smaller and restrictive. But having double-height space to work with can produce good results. For example, you’ll have room to hang an oversized chandelier or pendant. Also, such a ceiling gives you space to place a huge console to act as the centrepiece. Remember to buy your console made of durable  wood to last longer.

Unfortunately, if you can’t adjust the ceiling height, going for a paint colour similar to that on the walls makes the ceiling look higher. The aim is to trick the eyes into thinking that the ceiling is as high as possible, hence exaggerating the feeling of space in that room. 

Focus On Colour

If you’re a fan of neutral and white-washed room themes, going for a splash of bold colours makes your room feel like it is out of magazine spread. You can use a combination of three shades that bring out a happy mood in you. Sometimes it can feel confusing because choosing theme colours is personal and somehow sets the tone in that room.

Nobody should decide the colours to choose for you, but it’s advised you try a mixture of three shades: One for the walls, another for large pieces like sofas and chairs, then the third on things that pop like pillows and flowers. Remember, colour influences how much brighter a room looks.

Buy A Big Statement Piece of Furniture.

People make the mistake of placing very small pieces of furniture in one room. A room filled with leggy chairs and tables and small furniture looks cluttered and confuses the eye. Having one large statement piece of furniture like the couch and two small armchairs makes the place look attractive.

You can never run out of decorating ideas for tiny houses. Generally, a mixture of large and small furniture enhances your interior design. Even for smaller apartments, having a large piece like a large armoire or cabinet makes the place look put together.

Place Flowers in All the Rooms

Take a look at all your motivation boards. Do they have flowers or plants in almost all the rooms? It might come across as a simple tip, but floral arrangements, live plants, and natural things like rocks enhance the room’s look. Plus, they add that final touch to the interior décor.

Go for easy care plants that last long if fed and watered properly. If you don’t desire flowers or plants, natural elements like twigs or feathers placed in a large vase look way better. 

Pay Attention to The Form

The form simply means the shape expressed through the contours of your artwork, furniture, or other items in the room. When it comes to furniture, sculpture, or even the rooms themselves, they take on two forms. First, the organic forms, which you can represent using natural and irregular shapes with a curvy or abstract finish, and then the geometric forms, mostly the sharp, man-made lines and edges such as triangles and squares.

With that in mind, it’s easy to decide what shapes you’re going for, depending on the room.

Add Texture to The Rooms

The texture goes hand in hand with colour and is equally important too. For instance, if it’s an all-white room, having draperies, linen, a plush velvet chair, shiny silk cushion, rattan chairs, woven basket, and nubby couch with a faux fur side blanket brings out the element of texture. 

If you crave a single-themed room like all white or all grey, having different shades of white makes the room more attractive, and it might not appear as a single-color scheme due to varying textures via fabrics which is even better.

Using texture, patterns, and numerous close shades can turn a dull room into a sophisticated space. In addition, the texture choice is supposed to accommodate your lifestyle. For example, if you have kids and dogs, a light cotton sofa instead of a darker leather sofa could work well for you.

Use Decorating Trays, Bowls, And Baskets.

To keep your house decluttered, using trays, decorating bowls, or sometimes baskets store loose items properly. Try using a gold tray on your coffee table, side table, or ottoman for excellent results. Then on top of the tray, put a pretty candle and a couple of books. Little vistas like this are incredible to a layered, decorated aesthetic.

Try arranging your collections in a basket since it’s a beautiful decorating tool. If you’re aiming at a more rustic look, using a woven basket works wonders. You will be happy with how well your soaps and perfumes will look well in a basket or tray.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors make your home look bigger without even moving anything. Plus, it’s an easy way of lighting up a room while giving it a more open feel. Look at any interior décor sites and see how rooms with mirrors look way larger and appealing.

An important tip, the mirror should be facing the windows or diagonal to it, thus reflecting both normal and non-natural light.


There you have it, the best ways to enhance your interior décor easily. You don’t have to hire an interior designer to help you do the above things; you can do them yourself and still achieve the home of your dreams. All the above tips generally create a heartfelt, elegant home. 

Since you’re equipped with the tips you need, go ahead and use them. With some help from home décor sites, you can confidently transform your home the way you’ve never imagined.

The above tips will add an exciting touch to the rooms, from a vintage kind of vibe to rustic style.

This is a collaborative post. Photo by Alan Quirván from PexelsAlex Quezada.

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