Interiors: Making large rooms feel Cosy

Small rooms are a nightmare to decorate. Trying to get them to feel roomy and not cramped can be a big challenge but there are plenty of little tricks you can use to make them appear more spacious. But what people don’t often consider is the challenges that come with a large room. Larger rooms are great for entertaining but they’re often quite impractical for day to day living and they’re not great relaxation spaces because they don’t feel that cosy. Luckily, there are some simple changes you can make to create a large room that is more practical and has multiple uses. If you’re struggling to decide what to do with the larger rooms in your house, why not try some of these things?


Split The Room

Often the larger spaces in your house feel wasted because they only serve one purpose. If you’ve got a huge living room, a lot of the space in there is unnecessary and everything feels too spread out. But if you split the room, you can essentially create multiple rooms for different things. You could use dry lining to put up proper walls and split one large room into a couple of smaller ones. For example, you could turn your massive living area into a smaller living area and an adjoining dining room. If you don’t want to split the room with walls, you can use furniture to create zones. By putting the sofa in the middle of the room, you can cut it in half. One half can be the communal living area, then you can put a dining table in the other half. In the corners, you can add small screens with an armchair and a coffee table to make a small reading nook. By arranging the furniture so the room is split into zones, you make it feel less empty and you’ll get more use out of it.


Use Anchors

Trying to fill the room with lots of smaller pieces of furniture is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re decorating a large room. It’s true that you need to fill that space but if you’re just using lots of little things, it’ll start to feel cluttered. You need to use at least one larger piece of furniture in each zone as an anchor, then build around it. The sofa and dining table, as we’ve already said, work well to create a living room/dining room combo. Things like built in bookcases, large coffee tables or even a piano are all great too. This will give some level of order to the decor, rather than just having a collection of small pieces of furniture dotted around.


Dark Colours

Usually, dark colours are something you need to be very careful with because they’ll capture the light and can make a room feel a lot smaller than it is. But with a large room, that’s often exactly what you’re trying to do. That means you’ve got more freedom to play with darker shades. You should consider offsetting them with some lighter colours so the room doesn’t end up being dark and dingy.


Use these 3 simple tips and you’ll be able to create a large room that feels cosy and performs more than one function.


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