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  • The Christmas Tag

    The Christmas Tag
  • Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!

    Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!
  • Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway

    Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway
  • 4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

    4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Simple Autumn Crafts for Kids

Half term is just around the corner, and it can’t come soon enough! Both my kids are exhausted after school and more often than not just want to stay indoors rather than take a trip to the beach or the park. However being indoors from 3 till 6 every day means finding things to entertain them with, and thankfully they’re both into arts and crafts at the moment. This year we’re working with Yazoo No…

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Days out: Drusillas in Autumn

We love Drusillas, it’s the perfect family day out and we spent the day there last Sunday – and despite the slightly miserable weather forecast it didn’t rain all day and we got to do everything we wanted to! I’d definitely recommend going in Autumn, especially if you have kids that can be a bit overwhelmed by lots of crowds and noise. We arrived just after the park opened for the day at 10am and…

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Athena & Arlo – October 2018

These two are definitely feeling the ‘it’s almost the end of half term but not quite’ exhaustion. I am too, even though I had a five days away last week! It always amazes me how much kids seem to change when you don’t see them for a few days. I only had one phone call with them when I was away, as they tend to get more miffed I’m not about if they can speak…

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Toys: PJ Masks Super Moon Rocket & HQ Toys

If you have kids in primary school, or younger then you’ll probably be very familiar with the PJ Masks! It’s a kids cartoon featuring three 6-year-olds,  Amaya, Connor, and Greg/ They are neighbours and friends who go to school together. But at night then turn into Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, and create a little crime fighting team called the PJ Masks, with superhero powers (which is why my two love this so much I think!) …

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Travel: A weekend in the Lake District with Sally’s Cottages

I really needed last weekend after a stressful few weeks; comfortable surroundings to relax in, stunning scenery to enjoy and a group of lovely people to spend time with. Also, no kids! I spent the weekend with eight lovely ladies, many who I knew well and a couple of people I’d not met before – but by the end of the weekend, a few gins and some revealing ‘never have I ever’ games I think…

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Scrapbook Loves – September 2018

A very quick ‘Little Loves’ post from me as I am running out of time to get everything done before I go away in a couple of days! I didn’t want to miss Septembers update out completely though as I love looking back on them! Read I read the seven books below this month, a bit of a variety of genres and themes though! The two CS Quinn books are historical fiction based in the…

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Me and Mine in September ’18

Okay, I know it’s not September anymore, in fact it hasn’t been for a week now but I’ve been busy and a ‘Me and Mine’ post slipped my mind, and in fact slipped my mind throughout the month as we were so busy- this phone snap is the only complete family photo we managed to capture! Sam has been busy teaching people to drive, I have been busy getting on top of my workload after…

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