#Saturday6: Things I wish my kids didn’t do

Welcome to Saturday 6, a new feature where every Saturday (or most of them, at least!) I’ll be sharing a list of six things about anything at all! Things I love, books I’ve read, observations, anything at all in a list of six basically. I think it’s a great way to write more personal posts, fit things in I want to rant or talk about that don’t really fit anywhere else or even list six items that I’d love but never buy, for example! I’m going to turn it into a link-up too as of next week when people are getting back into a blogging routine but for today I bring you…



  1. Ask me questions that they know the answer to, in the hopes that by asking incessantly I might change my mind. “Mummy where are we going today” on school days for example. Or perhaps “Mummy we’re not having spaghetti bolognese for dinner are we?” when they know that we are as they’re watching me make it. It drives me crackers!
  2. Getting emotionally attached to random inanimate objects. Arlo wailed for half an hour in the holidays because his ‘baby rock’ (A very small piece of gravel) had disappeared from his pocket about 2 minutes after he found it. How can you grow attached to something in less than two minutes? Athena does the same with tiny pieces of ripped up paper with her random hieroglyphics on too, god forbid she sees one that has accidentally made its way into the recycling bin! “Oh sorry Athena I’ve got no idea how that got there!”
  3. Taking their clothes off and leaving them in puddles around the house. We have three laundry baskets to choose from and our home isn’t big!
  4. Weave around on their scooters when we’re walking, in a barely concealed attempt to trip me up. It does my head in, it’s not that hard to scoot in a straight line – I know because I manage it on my own scooter… and their random weaving is even worse when I’m scooting with them as I can’t stop so fast!
  5. Asking questions or making observations about strangers wen the stranger is still in earshot. “He is BIG. Bigger than anyone!” for example… and “why is she in a roller-chair?”
  6. Grow. As soon as I find a pair of shoes that fits well, that Arlo can actually put on himself and that are season-suitable his feet grow. As soon as I find a pair of leggings that don’t give Athena a builders-bum but fit on the leg (long legs log body that girl) she grows and they’re too short at the top or the bottom or both. Also I want them to be small forever.

So that’s my Saturday 6 for today, and last week’s was 6 things I’d change about Christmas┬áif you fancy a read (I get ranty, again!)

6 things I wish my kids didnt do

What things do your kids do that you wish they wouldn’t?

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