Starting School: School Uniform Tips & Picks

The time has come, I need to start thinking about school uniform for my little school starter! I don’t want to leave it till the last minute and risk not being able to find what we need and I also want to give Athena time to practise getting dressed and undressed herself to make sure she can manage! I’ve been browsing online for a few weeks now to find some nice uniform that is both practical and smart and have come up with a few options…

In fact I plan to buy most of these as I’d like to have one set of uniform per day she needs it, in case of tears/paint splodges/dirt and so I won’t have to do an extra mid week wash! I think a selection of dresses and skirts would work well for PE days and extra warmth. I love the culottes from John Lewis, and the white collared summer dress, and I’ve been informed by Sam that as all his school uniform came from there when he was little he thinks hers should, though we don’t have one close to try on sadly.
George at Asda have a super pretty tie front gingham dress, though I’m not sure Athena would actually be able to tie the bow herself! Their other summer dresses have a tiered skirt which is a bit unusual! They also do long sleeved polo shorts which is a great idea for winter – Athena’s school has a Forest School which they use whatever the weather so she’ll be outside a lot!
F&F at Tesco have some lovely stretchy trousers which would mean she can still run about as she likes without being restricted, but they also have stretchy jersey pinafore dresses that can just be pulled on over the head – perfect for PE days!

For shoes I was lucky enough to get two bargain pairs of Clarks shoes when our local Brantano was closing down last month, so she’s got those to work through until it gets really cold and then she’ll be in some  from Jakes Shoes – you get 10% off your first order if you sign up to their mailing list by the way! I want to know that she’s not going to be getting wet feet from puddle jumping in normal shoes and obviously want her feet to stay warm too. I used to love Dr Martens boots when I was younger – I had some holographic ones and some purple leather ones and wore them with EVERYTHING! I used to have them with laces but felt that in reception she doesn’t need to be faffing with those so got her some chelsea style boots with an inside zip and an elasticated ankle for a snug fit. With a leather upper and a rubber sole they’ll last till she grows out of them, unlike so many other brands! I got them in a size up because I’m sure in the six months between now and her needing them she’ll have (another) growth spurt and I am hoping that Arlo will be able to wear them when his feet are the same size too! Anyway, them being a tad too big hasn’t stopped her from trying them on!

Uniform Tips

In a bid to pick up some tips and be a bit more prepared I asked some parent bloggers what their uniform related tips were, so here’s what they have to say!

I buy from Tesco during the grocery shop as their uniform is so well priced. I’ve been buying plain v neck jumpers and the boys polo shirts for my daughter, so I can reuse them for my son when he starts school! (The girls ones are frilly!)

Try local Facebook forsale pages and car boots as people are often happy to sell or even give away old uniform…just check condition first.

We rotate three polo shirts, 4 pairs of joggers and 2 school jumpers with no major issues so long as I remember to do a mid week wash.

I always buy cheap polo tops as no matter how much you pay, white ones never stay white. This way I don’t mind replacing them when they get stained/go grubby. Stocking up during sales is always a good idea. The Sainsbury’s 25% is good and also Aldi are offering a complete uniform for a fiver [BARGAIN!!]

If you have a slim Child, NEXT do a great silm fit range. It saves my son looking like he’s wearing clowns trousers! Http://

Our school has a great thrift shop! You can find some uniform that looks like it’s never been worn and it’s a great saving. It’s a good place to find ‘spares’ in the inevitable event that blazers get covered in yoghurt! [Hoping Athena’s school has something like this!]

I always buy a few larger sizes during the summer months when shops are well stocked to accommodate for growth spurts during the year too.

3 thoughts on “Starting School: School Uniform Tips & Picks

  1. Lots of great tips and information shared – I was pretty overwhelmed when I had to buy my little one uniform (he is in a school based nursery and so they wear uniform) and this would have proved handy then! We love George at Asda; the colours stay bright and fresh for quite a while.

  2. Fabulous tips. I need to start thinking about Little Miss H’s uniform. But she is constantly growing and so tall and I really want to leave it as late as possible. However, I do need to give her time to get used to getting dressed and especially to change into her PE uniform. That tie front dress from George is gorgeous. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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