Stuff on a Sunday #17

Early last Sunday morning Sam got up and headed off on his snowboarding holiday with friends. I managed to get back to sleep for a few hours before Athena woke up, and then after breakfast we picked up my friend and her daughter and went to a garden centre for some soft play, some hot chocolate and then some lunch! Amazingly being sat opposite another toddler who was scoffing her lunch meant Athena wolfed hers down even though it was a pretty big portion… with beans which she’s often not a fan of!

Monday was an early trip to the nurse for my Whooping cough jab (most of which ran down my arm, wonder if I am actually vaccinated?) and then another post office trip to send some more ebay parcels off. After than I had a lovely morning of catching up with some friends and their babies (well, toddlers now, they’re all around Athena’s age!) Since I went back to work in July I’ve not seen them as much as I’d like so I’m looking forward them being on maternity leave again! Athena was a bit of a grump though, I think she was extra tired and/or teething, but she had a long nap when we got in so I managed a little one too! Oh, and Sam called me to tell me he had hurt his arm on the slopes, the next day he sent me a photo of his chipped elbow in an Xray… doofus! He did manage to go husky sledding the next day, and did get back on the snowboard by the end of the week apparently!

On Tuesday I gleefully took Athena to Nursery and came home to enjoy a day to ALL TO MYSELF! It was glorious, I did a bit of tidying, a load of washing, a lot of blogging and even had a day time bath, pure bliss!  I did the same again on Thursday too, although had a little lunch time visit from Sophie and her daughter, who got to play with all of Athena’s toys without Athena grabbing them back off her, lucky duck! Oh, I seem to have forgotten Wednesday. I can’t actually remember what happened on Wednesday… I think it rained  so I doubt we did anything exciting! On both Tuesday and Wednesday Athena woke up around 11pm just as I was thinking about going to sleep, not sure what the problem was but she was a bit windy both times, so we had a little cuddle (and some calpol) and then she went back to her cot. I do sometimes wish she’d just fall asleep in bed with me, especially when Sam is away or working late but it never happens! Oh and on Thursday night I watched all the episodes in the current series of ‘Birds of a Feather’, I used to watch it with my mum was I was younger so it’s fun to watch it now, even though they all look so much older… because they are, obviously!20150130_145307

Friday was a good day as Athena was being extra cuddly for some reason, not that I’m complaining. We also went to visit a friend and their new baby (he’s 7 weeks old but the same weight Athena was when she was born, so still tiny!) and their dog too. Amusingly Athena commandeered one of the dogs stuffed toys for herself and got pretty irate when he took it back off her! More sweetly she was SO caring towards the baby, stroking his hair and trying to hold his hands, and hugging him! When he was crying in his rocker she tried to mimic us bouncing it, although she was a little extreme with her attempts! I really hope she’s as calm and patient when the crying baby is in her own house, full time! I also almost ran over a douchey teenager on his bike who wasn’t looking where he was going and cycled off the pavement right in front of me. Thankfully I was going slowly as I’d just turned into the road, and wasn’t distracted but I had my heart in my mouth and he looked pretty shook up too, hope he learnt his lesson! Oh, and I turned 31 weeks pregnant too.


Saturday was Tescos food shop in the morning, after waking up to snow! Maybe a whole 2cms of it, haha! By the time we got back from shopping it had all gone though, which is fine by me. I need proper deep snow or none at all ideally!  I also dyed my hair a rich dark brown in the evening, after comforting a shocked Athena who fell over in the bath and bit her tongue, and may well wake up with a bruise on her face somewhere!

So that was my week of solo parenting! I’m definitely more tired than if I had been going to work, even though I had two days to myself! I think the combination of getting a bugger bump and having low iron levels is taking its toll, plus a couple of nights of broken sleep with Athena and I feel like I need a day to just sleep!

I hope everyone who had snow stayed safe, and that nobody had any run ins with stupid kids on bikes either!

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5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #17

  1. Wow, your week of solo parenting sounds busy!
    Glad you got some time for yourself. I’m sure Athena will be a brilliant big sister once bump arrives, sounds adorably cute the way she handled the newborn

  2. Sounds like a lovely week and totally jealous of your day time child free time and baths! I didn’t know Birds of a Feather was back, I used to watch it when I was younger too! x

  3. Ouch a chipped elbow sounds painful!
    Sounds like you girls had some nice snuggly time but hope you get your full day’s sleep on Sam’s return #TWTWC

  4. Well done for a whole week of solo parenting! I hope Sam’s arm is ok now?? What a busy week you’ve had! Your days on Tuesday and Thursday sound DIVINE! I wonder how many days to ourselves we’ve got left with two??

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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