Sunday Scrapbook – Cool Cars & Eyebrows

Last weekend we spent the day strolling around Horsham for ‘AmeriCARna’ which was actually a lot of fun! Horsham is a pretty sweet little town, neither of us had been there before! It was packed full of gorgeous huge old american cars, bikes and trucks and the kids loved it, as did we actually! Some of the american cars are HUGE, I would have a nightmare trying to parallel park them!


After a lunch of waffle-on-a-stick (the kids, plus some actual healthy food) and a bloody delicious Hog Roast (us) we had a quick walk around the woods but poor Athena is still so tired from adjusting to school so we didn’t last too long! The rest of the week flew by in a blur of rain, school runs, more rain and a morning at the hairdressers for me! I had a very slight trim and new colour (sort of balyage but not that obvious) and an inadvertent eye brow bleach as a splodge of bleach must’ve landed on the end of my eyebrow and I didn’t realise, so that was fun! Thankfully its the outside end but I look a tad odd unless I colour it in haha!

I also took this picture of Arlo and it’s my new favourite, how adorable does he look, all porridge and long eye lashes! Not so adorable today when he yanked the focus slider off the side of my camera lens the little bugger!

Onto this weeks Little Loves…


This week I finished Home by Matt Dune, another laugh out loud funny one from him, I think I need to read everything he’s written! I’m now half way through Fourth of July Creek which I am LOVING.


X factor – though the auditions are over and that’s when I tend to stop watching each year as it’s boring from now on in! I’ve also caught up with Designated Survivor, and LOVED Doctor Foster this week!


I listened to a lot of Ben Folds Five courtesy of Alexa on my working days this week!


A keto-friendly chocolate mug cake! Sugar free delights are my new favourite thing!


Nothing new, but I think I need some new jeans as my current faves keep falling down, the diet, is working!)

And Lastly…

I am going to be working like a dog this week to make sure I’e got everything covered for my clients for the week I’m away, and attempting to sort the house out so when my MIL arrives to look after the kids when Sam has to work it’s not a state!


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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