Sunday Scrapbook- Bruises and muddy bums

The last two weeks have gone by so fast but I wanted to get them down ‘on paper’ as it were. Two notable events was Sam running the Great South Run today- a ten mile race around Portsmouth and the longest official run he has done yet! The kids and I tried to spot him on the TV but no luck so we tracked him on the app instead! He finished in 1 hour 59 minutes- pretty good going for someone who only started running this time last year! We made him a cake to celebrate when he got home.

The other event was fairly big but not in a good way. Please remind your kids not to run about with their hands in their pockets as doing this resulted in a very nasty bump on Athena’s head and a week later she’s still got a shabby forehead and two very nasty black eyes! She has been so incredibly brave, it happened at school on Monday so I collected her to have it looked at properly, and she was back in school the next day! The doctors did say no more PE or running about for two weeks though so that made her happy. She also got a  teachers award for bravery and a round of applause in assembly (not sure applauding clumsiness is the way forward but there we go!)

Last weekend we spent a pretty wet day at Legoland with some friends who were visiting from Norfolk as an early treat for their little boy. They have kids similar ages to ours and they all get on so well but we dont see each other often due to distance. Legoland on a wet day in October is a good day to go it turns out! Very few queues and the chance to stay on and ride again on a few rides too!

This past week we also had a tour round the junior school Athena will hopefully go to. I had a parents tour with the headmaster then later in the week we were shown round as a family by some very polite year six students. The school is pretty big but so well equipped- it even has a science lab, green screen room and its own dog!

Then we had Arlo’s parents evening and by all accounts he’s settling in well but ‘likes to make everyone laugh’. So basically the class clown!

Finally we spent some time exploring some woodland that we’d not been to before but as it has been raining for days and days it was a little muddy… as muddy hands and bums can attest to! Thankfully just the kids, Sam and I managed to stay upright!

We’re settling down with a film and an early night before another week of fun begins… with less bruises and less mud hopefully!

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