Three ways to organise your Wardrobe

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe is probably crammed full of clothes. It can be tough to find what you’re looking for when everything is crammed into one space. That’s why we’re here to share three ways you can organise your fitted walk in wardrobe, so you can find what you need without any fuss.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you’re going to keep and what you’re going to get rid of. This can be tough, but it’s important to be ruthless. If you haven’t worn something in a year, chances are you’re never going to wear it again. This is a great opportunity to carefully store your seasonal clothes, either in vacuum sealed bags or large boxes, and don’t forget to label them so you where to find things!

Once you’ve sorted through your clothes, you can start to organise them by category. This means putting all your tops together, all your bottoms together and so on. You can also organise by colour, to make it even easier to see potential outfit choices. Something that can be really successful is to print photos or use polaroid’s of outfits that you really love and want to recreate. You can keep these displayed on a pin board or in a photo album to make choosing outfits a breeze!

When you’re designing the shelves, drawers and hanging spaces in your fitted walk in wardrobes  it’s really important to take stock of what you wear and have the most of. For example, I wear dresses 75% of the time (and more in the summer) so having hanging space with a long drop would be pretty important to me. If you rarely wear dresses but have a lot of jumpers and blouses then you might forgo having a long drop for two rails one above the other, for example. Think carefully too about drawer space, and how you’ll fold things to keep them as crease free as possible.

Remember too to think about lighting, especially if you don’t have any windows to bring in natural light, some daylight bulbs will help give you a better idea of how your makeup and outfit will look when you’re out and about. A large mirror is a must too!

Collaborative post. Images via Unsplash.