In March I… & an outfit


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Possibly the most boring outfit ever, apologies in advance! Skirt: H&M Mama, T Shirt: Newlook maternity, Cardigan: Primark, Converse, To be worn again, Scarf, Portobello rd Market

Attempting to remain stylish whilst being comfortable when you’re 7 months up the duff is difficult to say the least. If money was no object then of course it wouldn’t be so hard, but I didn’t want to buy a shed load of clothes that I would only be wearing for about 4 months! A lot of what I’ve purchased has been from eBay, and I will eBay anything that’s still in good condition again once I fit back into my old clothes (fingers crossed eh!)

Finding work appropriate clothes has been the hardest, as I need to look smart and presentable, whereas outside work I’m either living in leggings and tunics, with the occasional jeans/top combo, or PJs if I’m not going out. For work I’m mostly sticking to a couple of maternity dresses (this one from topshop but with 3/4 length sleeves, and a few from newlook that I bought in the Christmas sale, or a black pencil skirt, vest top and cardi (with one button done up!) The most annoying thing is tights, as I go through them quick as you like, (always get holes/ladders) but maternity tights are pricey and normal tights don’t fit over the bump, and press on my poor bladder if I wear them under the bump. I’ve tried getting XL tights but then they go saggy round the knees and/or ankles and make me look like nora batty. Lets hope we see some sun and some bare leg time before the baby arrives! (not likely as it’s less than ten weeks now!)

In march I…

– Watched The Impossible. It was more moving than I expected (still no tears, I’m not that hormonal yet to start crying at films, unlike sappy husband) I was in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks the September before the boxing day Tsunami, and watching the film brought back memories of being there, and of hearing the news when it happened.

– Saw Oz at the cinema, and was very unimpressed.

– Went for a lovely dinner at Bills with Sophie & Skye. Hot cross bun bread & Butter pudding… scrummy!

– Went to the Benefit Fake up event, the opening of Milla Grace & a lovely evening at the Lanes Health & Beauty.

– Posted about my birth plan (or lack of!) here and my week 30 bump/pregnancy update on my other blog here.

– I went to La Choza (a great Mexican street food restaurant in Brighton) & the Gelato Gusto 1st Birthday party… plus you can win tickets to the Brighton Foodie Festival in May here.

– Managed to get a few more days/hours with Sam than normal as he’s had less late events at work, therefore less nights when he arrives home circa 5am!!

– Bought some mini(ish) wooden drawers from ikea and some dulux paint samples are on the way for a bit of home DIY (possibly this will wait till I am on maternity leave!)

– Read a lot of books, Never Look Back being my favourite this month

– Went for coffee (well, tea and cookies) with Steph & Fran

– Watched the first season of Criminal Minds in an attempt to clear the Dexter shaped hole in my life!

– Drove to Bournemouth and back in a day twice in one week (Work related) but had breakfast with Hannah, who is currently off enjoying herself somewhere far warmer than here! PLUS we spent a chilly afternoon together in Brighton a few weeks before that

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 15.31.18

– Spent a bit more time on ME (ie doing my nails a bit more, attempting to look after my hair & Skin with some treatments (reviews coming up next month) and I even splurged on a ladyshave  (mainly because using a regular razor when you cant see anything past the bump is a little dangerous)

– Been enjoying ‘bump yoga’ after Sophie gave me 4 sessions as a Christmas present. I surprised myself with how flexible I still am, considering I stopped going to the Gym over a year and a half ago and have a huge bump getting in the way!

– Turned 30 weeks pregnant, ten weeks to go!!

And to start the month of April off I’m taking Sam to London for a day out, with tickets to Singing in the Rain in the evening, he’s never been to a west end show so hopefully he’ll love it! Please leave the links to any round up posts you’ve done, and happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “In March I… & an outfit

  1. You look great! I’ve been shopping for maternity clothes with my friends when they’ve been pregnant and it seems like a nightmare. I couldn’t bring myself to spend loads on clothes I could only wear for a few months. It sounds like you’ve had a great march. Have fun in London. I’m there in May. We are seeing muse but I’m also hoping to book something at the west end. X

  2. Hello Yummy Mummy!

    Sounds like you had an awesomely busy March, it’s great you’re doing loads before baby comes! Sorry that Oz wasn’t that great, I still really want to go see it but the cinema just isn’t on the cards these days!

    When I reached 30 weeks the last 8 (since I went at 38 + 1) flew in!

    Amy x

  3. Wow, only ten weeks to go! You must be getting really excited 🙂 You look fab with your bump.

    I am going to post one of these ’round up’ posts, will let you know when it’s up. It’s a great idea.

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

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