Me and Mine in August 2018

Despite spending the vast majority of the month together we’ve not managed to take a sensible family photo this month on any of our many days out and weekends away, ce la vie!
So I give you two selfies, one from our day out at ChessingtonĀ and one at The Big Feastival, and also a photo of us all wearing masks at London Zoo. I think these pictures sum our month of fun pretty well to be fair, and we were too busy having fun to take a tripod somewhere and set up a proper shot!
10 reasons to visit London Zoo
Sam is:
  • Enjoying being a driving instructor!
  • Playing LOTS of a game on his playstation that I can’t remember the name of. [I asked, it’s The Division]
  • enjoying reading the kids their bedtime story. This month he finished Charlie and the Chocolate factory and started George’s marvellous medicine
  • Cooking more, even if it’s only Hello Fresh!

I am enjoying:

  • Having free use of our family car now that Sam uses his driving school car
  • Not having to rush about in the mornings (that’ll soon change!)
  • Watching the kids at their swimming lessons getting more confident in the water
  • Reading more
  • Having purple hair
  • Big-Feastival-2018

Athena is loving:

  • Watching endless episodes of ‘assistant videos’ which as far as I can discern is a tween girl in american being filmed doing random stuff by her dad – captivates Athena so much i’ve caught her taking her tablet to the toilet! (Don’t worry, in term time she doesn’t have it as much but I’ve resorted to using it to keep her occupied whilst I cram work in!)
  • Going camping a lot
  • Staying up late (especially at camping)
  • Practising her ‘Nimgastics’ (she starts lessons this term)
  • Dancing

Arlo is loving:

  • Eating Churros
  • His new Thomas track racer toy
  • making a huge fuss before dinner every single night (to be fair, he might not be loving it but to keep something up so regularly he must be getting something out if it!)
  • Daddy reading him a bed time story every night
  • Swimming lessons!



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